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Old 01-20-2006, 11:22 PM   #1
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Thinking of buying a Vr4 for a 1st car? please read

many people seek a 3000GT/Stealth for a first car(i dont blame you)
while it is a very good choice, people tend to look for the top model(Vr4) as the car of choice.
While it is a great car that many desire, it is not the ideal first car for any driver.
In example, most parents would not be willing to hand over the keys to a new C5 corvette to there son or daughter as a first car, the vr4 is very similar in speed to that of a C5 corvette.
PLEASE?!!? dont let this be an insult on your driving skills!! it is not to say your not a good driver, but statistics alone can show you that a mid 13 second car with a top speed of over 165mph is not a good choice to make as a first car.

The base model and or sl are still both very good choices, with simmilar speeds of a mid 90's mustang gt(which isnt too shabby ) and have the look and "sex appeal" that many love.
it is also better on gas which is a big plus now days with gas prices higher than ever. I get 19mpg on the highway in a vr4, trust sucks!!
you also have more expensive parts to fix when things go wrong and the 6G72T engine is very very tight and hard to work on.

Beleive me when i say, the base model and SL are THE best choices for a first car when looking toward these beautiful automotive machines!!

for those who want to contibute to why the vr4 is NOT a good choice for a first car, please feel free.
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Re: Thinking of buying a Vr4 for a 1st car? please read

Although I get excellent mileage out of mine, when i can keep from getting into positive boost, I would say even for a more mature driver it is still difficult to be responsible with the power that you have at the tip of your toes. I often find myself giving a little touring race around the park just to feel it hug the curves and feel it stay tight to the road. As well I have taken people for a ride of their life and when tossed the keys they are often to scared to push the car after watching it take a corner at 60 and accelerate to 90 before they can blink, and the quick braking takes a few more seconds for the mind to catch up to the body. If anyone is trying to convince their parents to buy them this car just offer the idea of being able to collect on life insurance in 4 to 6 months.
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Re: Thinking of buying a Vr4 for a 1st car? please read

I personally don't think anyone should have a vr4 as their first car. I've said it a billion times and I'm sure I'll say it a billion times more. It's nothing personal against you, it's nothing about your driving. But I know if I had gotten one as my first car, I wouldn't be here typing this right now.

Read teh FAQ, if you still want a 3000gt, get a base or SL for 2 years, then upgrade to the vr4. At 16 (I'm guessing) you probably wont have the experience behind the wheel, or the money to keep the vr4 on the road. Realize these are not cheap cars to own. Premium gas, lots of necessary maintainence, expensive parts, and high insurance are hard to afford for students. Trust me, I tried, and it put me under more financial stress than I want to remember. [Read: this is why it's been garaged for a year]

Again, nothing against you, I'm simply saying I've read way too many threads that start with a 16 year old wanting a vr4 and saying something like "I've been driving a tractor on our farm since I was 11" or "I have been racing 120mph gokarts since I was 9" or "I've driven a 450hp (fill in the blank)...I know what I'm capable of", the kid gets argumentative, gets the car, and then 2 weeks later there is a new thread about how he wrecked at 100+. Just my .02
96 3000gt vr4
-Proboost mbc
-Cusco front + rear strut bars
-Greddy type-s
-ATR downpipe
-no cats
-15Gs, 3sx aluminum pulley, FMIC, SAFC, walboro pump, EVO 560ccs, and Meth Injection Kit all waiting to go in shortly.

Your 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 is the 92nd out of the 315 that were made that year. Only 21 of which are exactly identical.

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