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Suggestions on Tires?

Hello Everyone, glad to be here. I have a question hoping I can get some suggestions on Tires. Here's the story:

I just got a 2014 Highlander FWD. I noticed the tires were showing the beginning signs of dry rot, and I was able to convince them (Them being CarMax) to replace the front tires (the worst ones) for free. I was unable to negotiate the back ones unfortunately and even after a 2nd unbiased opinion I was told the back tires were still ok for another year or so.
Here's my issue: The tires on the car currently are Michelin. My last car was an X5 I had it 12 years, the first two sets of tires I had were Michelin and both times I experienced dry rot before the tread was worn down any significant amount (EXACTLY why I specifically checked these tires) I live in Vegas I don't know if it's the heat or what but this is a problem I've heard from others with Michelin in particular. I don't want mismatched tires; so if I get only 2 I'm stuck buying another 2 for the rear and spending $500 bucks for Michelin overpriced prematurely dry rotting tires either now or a year from now.
I'm leaning towards getting a different brand Tire and paying out of pocket for the rear now; this way I get better tires, get 2 for free and forget about it for the next few years.
Last time around on my BMW I chose Sumitomo and I felt good about those; but I have to go to discount tire (contracted with CarMax) and they don't carry them.

All that to say can anyone recomend tires for a 2014 FWD Highlander that are a brand available at Discount Tire good for hot dry climates?
I'm obviously a woman, thus the long story.
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Dave B.
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Re: Suggestions on Tires?

MJP2014 We're not ignoring your question!
Since I've never lived in the Southwest, I've been working through another site to try to get responses from knowledgeable people who actually live in your general area. I'll post again as soon as I have something concrete.
Dave B.

Edit: I'm certainly not getting the responses I had hoped for. Lots of comments, but no suggestions. So - I'll give you my take on the tires available from Discount Tire. I'd probably pick either the B.F. Goodrich Long Trail or the Continental Cross Contact. I know from personal experience that the BFG tires are not prone to dry rot. I've also owned Continentals and have never experienced any deterioration issues. If I had to choose between the two, I'd probably buy the BFGs.

If I get any more feedback from the forums I polled, I'll be sure to let you know.

Best regards,
Dave B.

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