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Engineering/Technical Ask technical questions about cars. Do you know how a car engine works?
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How does one Dive in??

- Sorry if this isnt the right spot for this thread -

Pretty much I am stuck as to how to go about furthing my knowledge and know how on cars. I am 19, and for my age I would like to think I have quite a bit of experience compared to most "kids" my age.
I took all the automotive classes @ my Highschool, that included
working with basic engines, and maintnence. Learning a lot of basic things like changing tires, brakes, oil, fluids, spark plugs, wiring, etc...a lot of small basics. Even dismantling an engine, but couldn't get her back together Along with that Ive done car detailing, and body work. Working with bondo, pinstriping etc. I also just recently worked at PIAA ( ) for a short time. Working with rally headlights and wheels, and in short has turned me on even more to cars. That was the 1st job Ive had where it didnt feel like going to work and I loved it. I also love looking under someones hood, after hearing their car and trying to spot every mod, while trying to think how much hp/torque and how their car performes. Enough of me blabbering though.

I know there is so much I don't know and understand about cars, and I am a bit lost on how to learn it. The only place of interest around here is a local performance shop. Where all the kids take their hondas/acura and put intake and a gross fart can on it and think their car is beast or some hideous spoiler :[ :[ if it was up to me I would drive all their cars into a pit and burn them to the ground. (no offense to anyone who has one) but hopefully you know what I am refering too.

Anyways I am looking for any advice possible, or possible recomendations...where does someone my age, without a lot of work exp in this field go to get a lot of hands on time, and to learn more? Any feed back, and input would be much appreciated!!!
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Re: How does one Dive in??

Well in my experience as far as hands on goes I got a manual when I got my first car and on days off I would go out and take a part or parts off of it down to the last bolt/fastner then put it back together and reinstall it again. I didn't have the school experience you do so it may not be as helpful but thats what I did. now when I want to expand my knowledge I come here. this is a great place to not only learn about general car ploblems and solutions but also learn about issues that occure in certain cars which is handy if you plan to work in a shop. I had a pretty good base of knowledge when I first found this website and forum but it was only info that related to my car and my family members cars so I have learned a massive amount since then. It can be amazing to find out how intricate and complicated some things that seem simple can be like exhaust for example before I got on here and started reading about exhaust I thought like all these stupid high school kids like you mentioned that would put a muffler on there car and think they had made a race car out of a 4 banger honda or even worse I knew a kid once that actually cut his exhaust completely out at the manifold thinking he was making mad power. this was after I learned about how exhaust worked so when he asked me if I would race his little honda with my 3000gt I laughed even harder.
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