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Technical Discuss different strategies and theories of the racing aspect.
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Nos, Supercharger Or Turbocharger?

this is a copy of the site
A supercharger (also known as a blower) is an air compressor used to force more air (and hence more oxygen) into the combustion chamber(s) of an internal combustion engine than can be achieved at ambient atmospheric pressure.The additional mass of oxygen-containing air that is forced into the engine improves on its volumetric efficiency which allows it to burn more fuel in a given cycle - which in turn makes it produce more power.
This gas has no smell,is colorless and it doesn't burn.It isn't toxic and inhaled in small amounts can produce reactions like laughter or giggling.Nitrous Oxide is an oxidizer agent that can increase the engine's power with 45% or more (it depends on the configuration) by allowing it to burn more fuel that it usually can.This way a nitrous oxide system brings additional horsepower to the engine.At high temperatures,nitrous oxide splits up into oxygen and nitrogen gas.This leads to an increase of the oxygen pressure bigger than it's pressure in the atmospheric air,allowing the fuel to burn efficiently.
The nitrous systems can be divided in 3 categories:
1)"Dry"-In this kind of nitrous system,the upper intake of the fuel injectors is kept dry of fuel.The fuel flow can be increased in 2 ways:by rising the pressure in the fuel injection
system or by programming the vehicles' computer to increase the period of time in which the fuel injectors stay open for the engine cycle.
2)"Wet Single-Point"-This system makes the upper intake wet with fuel by introducing the fuel and the nitrous together.The system is more expensive and hard to install,by comparison with the "Dry" system,but it has the advantage of producing more power.
3)"Wet Multi-Point"-introduces fuel and nitrous straight into the intakes of the engine.The system measure the amount of fuel and nitrous received by each cylinder adjusting this amount for each cylinder so the other cylinders couldn't be affected.
This is a copy of the site
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Re: Nos, Supercharger Or Turbocharger?


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