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Technical Discuss different strategies and theories of the racing aspect.
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Daily driver, slowly converting to track car.

Hey peeps,
I thought I best post here instead of lurking like I have for the last few years, so I signed up not long ago and phewww... I need some opinions on my track day car. It is going to remain my daily driver for the next year while I get the majority of the work done.

All chassis work will be completed on the car as a daily driver, with a second engine built for it and dropped in within about 6 months. If I can get some opinions on the type of gear im planning to use it would be great.

My base model: 1992 Honda Prelude, F22A SOHC non-vtec. 5SP.

Engine: As above, built with the following components, more deciding to come.
-Arias 10.5:1 Pistons, I could go up to 17:1, but I want it to survive daily driving and have a decent lifespan! power isn't the main goal here.
-Aluminium I beam rods
-Lightweight aluminium flywheel
-Mild cam upgrade, with an average head rebuilt. Good exhaust system, standard intake, but all ports cleaned up and matched together.
-F22A Standard EMS (the more aggressive one, though I may go with a Hondata set)

The rest is still undecided! I will be going n/a, will be happy with 140-150hp at the front wheels. more would be nice though don't need it to be super high power because the car is geared fairly low and for the types of circuits I race on, it won't be a huge problem.

-Decent coilover setup, undecided on brand yet.
-Full nolathane bush conversion.
-front end rebuild (all steering components, drive shaft components etc)
-DBA solid rotors with EBC pads and good ducting, heat shields removed for better cooling. (slotted tends to crack easily, solids are fine)
-lightweight 15's or 16's on decent road legal rubber.
-All the legal requirements, ie tow hooks, signage, seatbelts, roll cage is not required for the events I prefer.


The rest is all in the air still, and to prevent any obvious questions; No I didn't want the 4WS, yes i know its FWD, YES ITS A SOHC yada yada, the F22 is a great engine, and saying it has no power potential in N/A form is silly, just check out bisimoto! yum yum yum! lol.

pics for reference, its the car as is, right now.

Note again** I didn't fit the crappy filter or fart cannon, came with the car when I bought it

Regards, Chris.
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