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Is your AA rear spoiler stuck up/down? Fix it!

If your Active-Aero rear spoiler gets stuck up or down, one possible culprit may be the limiter switches.

My wing would go up all the time, but would only go back down if it was wet out. I looked over all the wiring, rebuilt the linkages, and even replaced my AA control unit. The problem turned out to be a bad limiter switch.

There are 2 of these. They control whether the wing goes up or down when it gets power and tell the AA control unit what position the wing is in. You can see the limiter switches are to the left of the white gear in this picture.

The best part is, you can get them right from RadioShack for ~$3 each. Part # 275-017.
For instructions on how to remove and disassemble the wing, go here:
and using the menu on the left, go to "Repair", then "Exterior", then "Spoiler Removal and Repair"

Once you've got it apart, simply replace the switches. Each is held by 2 small screws. You will need to solder the connections.
I would use this opportunity to lubricate all the linkage and moving parts. Be sure not to move the white gear, as this may make the spoiler not raise or lower all the way, which could break the linkage. Also, note the position of the arms (whether the wing was up or down when you removed it) and make sure it's in the same position when you put it back together.

pic 1 taken from, pic 2 taken from

DIFFICULTY: Easy, 3/10
TIME: ~2 hours
TOOLS NEEDED: Soldering Iron, Solder, #1 & #2 phillips screwdrivers
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