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Technical Discuss different strategies and theories of the racing aspect.
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Re: How to burn out in a RWD.

This is possibly what the rotors could look like. Except in the back of course.

Heh, if the rotors are that bad I'm not even sure you could hardly stop.

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Old 07-27-2006, 02:42 AM   #17
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Re: How to burn out in a RWD.

i do my burnouts a different way, left foot on clutch(obviously) and the heel of your right foot is pushing on the brake, and you use the front of your foot to push the gas down, this works the best imo, and i have drum brakes in the back so i could care less about burnin them.
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Re: How to burn out in a RWD.

Originally Posted by Musashi3000GT
I think to myself "man thats gotta be murder on the rear pads and the hell does it not damage all that stuff?"
The idea is ones you get the rear tires to break traction it doesn’t take much brake force to stop the car from rolling forward. So your not really doing much to them.
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Re: How to burn out in a RWD.

lol while im restoring my old pickup, i am currently using an 88 accord and to have a fun time with this (any front wheel drive car with an automatic transmission for that matter) car all you do is...

Step ONE: Go to mickey dees with at least one buddy of yours and order food in the lobby so that you both get one of the plastic trays that they put peoples food on. after eating, make sure noone is looking and book it out the door with the 2 trays.

Step TWO: Find an empty parking lot with a large open area and noone around because old people hate what you are about to do.

Step THREE: Put car in park, get out and place both trays in front of the REAR wheels, then pull the car forward until both rear wheels are centered on their respective trays.

Step FOUR: Put on your e-brake as hard as you can while still sitting there with the rear wheels on the trays. This will keep the rear wheels locked and on the trays during the whole event.

Step FIVE: Put the tranny into drive and turn the front wheels any direction you please, just make sure its all the way right or left.

Step SIX: FREAKING FLOOR IT!!!! the car will spin like a freakin carnival ride and you can turn the wheel the other way real fast to get double the g forces. It takes a little "practice" but after a while you can scare the living hell out of all your passengers who have never seen it before.

This is especially exhillarating for anyone sitting in the REAR seat because they will experience more g-forces than people up front due to the simple fact that they are further out from the center of rotation and have to "move" much faster than people closer to the rotation in order to keep up with the angular motion of the car. a couple fat kids in the back will even make the driver feel the g's!!!

disclaimer: i would not reccommend doing this stunt with any car you care about and want to last a while. the rotation is so severe that it tries to make one front wheel turn forwards and the other turn backwards, so it is very hard on the drivetrain lol. i think there is also windage issues in the engine due to the g's or some oil control problem because a couple of times my oil pressure light has come on and i had to turn off the car and let the oil slosh back into the pan so the oil pump would have something to suck up lmao!!! definately a kick ass maneuver when done right
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