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car run without oil what to look for

Looking for expert helpful advice regarding what to look for, tests, etc. what can be actually known regarding possibility of damage or is it simply subjective guess work for everyone without a code?

Car is a 2013 Optima GDR

Recently I had an oil filter to fail. I think it had been, which makes sense, failing and leaking for a period of two weeks, but I did not recognize it until complete failure which is actually when the low oil pressure light came on as well.

Just before the low pressure light came on, I did hear a noise that sounded like a chain being dragged across metal. It has been suggested that was probably the timing belt and tensioner.

When the light came on, I went straight to nearest location maybe a mile or less, checked oil level. Barely any on stick. Added a couple of quarts and called mechanic. Since I was on the way to doctor, Mechanic said go on over (which was another mile) after filling with oil and he would send someone to check situation in parking lot. Change oil and filter.

The only oil was in the filter. they did two oil changes. the manufacturer picked up filter, said it was defective and that I could submit receipts for any damages for them to consider. To consider. So, I spend money. They will consider afterwards.

So, now how does one determine in an evidentiary way whether any damage has ocurred? Is damage assumed? Is it by my subjective feeling regarding acceleration? is it only if a code appears? Can their be loss of compression and performance and pick up on hills in higher gears like 3 through 6 without any code being thrown?

All my life ((and I am not a mechanic) I have thought that running a car for even seconds without oil was about the worse thing that you could do. Now, after such an incidence, my mechanic, who is not at fault, but did the job, says well, it is probably OK. NO tests, no evidence, no codes, no way to determine for sure. It is judged OK.

So, If I say differently. NO, it picks up differently and downshifts slower with less acceleration when actually in use. Both are just statements.

How an I as an owner know? CAn one just say it is OK because there is not smoke, no hard idle, no codes. Does that settle it? Is that the extent of what today's technology is capable of concluding in such a case?

Or, is there more?

All assistance will be appreciated.


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Re: car run without oil what to look for

After your new oil change I would drive it a few miles if no smoke or excessive oil use and it drives the same I wouldn't do anything. If you notice problems it will cost you money to have it torn down and inspect the engine. Then you have to hire an attorney and try and sue to get any money.
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