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Non Specific This is the forum to post and generalized racing questions.
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To become a race driver?

've been wondering if it's possible to become a race car driver at older age? I'm a 16 year old girl and I've always been interested in cars and racing. I've dreamed about becoming a professional race car driver basically my whole life, but it isn't possible for me before I move out. If it ever will be possible at all. I find drifting, nascar and rally especially interesting.

My parents know nothing about cars and I don't really know anyone else that does either. My parents seem to be really against my car enthusiasm and have always been trying to slow me down. At the moment school and my hobbies take most of my time too. I've been bullied for being into cars since the 1st grade and sometimes it really scares me to tell people about my passion. I'm afraid they will think that I'm weird.

All my information is based on books, internet and Top Gear, so I don't really know that much. All I've actually done has been washing cars and changing tires in my neighborhood for money.

And, except for F1 and rally, cars aren't really a that big of a thing in my country, so I think nascar is off limits?

And then is that what I may be the most scared about, if I ever get a chance with cars. How difficult is it to be a girl in the world of cars? Will I ever be taken seriously? I've tried asking some of the people at the local car club, but all I've heard has been "It's a phase some of the girls go through. You will snap out of it when you grow up." 12 years is a pretty long phase if you ask me?

To me it seems like all the odds are against me, but if I move out of country after university and try to live up to my dreams could it be possible for me to become a race driver?

Thank you a lot for reading up to this point and I'm sorry if I seem stupid. I don't really know that much after all :D
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Re: To become a race driver?

While I'm in the US, I think what I am about to write is applicable no matter where you live.

First, most people never make a living driving race cars. It's a cruel profession and doesn't reward any sort of shortcoming. It requires a the kind of total commitment that is unusual in this world.

Plus you need sponsors.

So my advice would be to put yourself in a position to be independent. Then start racing cars at the local track. If you have the talent, it should be obvious right away.

Go to a driver's school. Not only will the instructors there recognize where you are talent-wise, but also where you are in your development and can offer better advice about how to proceed.

Even if you don't have the talent - I don't - racing can still be enjoyable. So I think driving even a low budget, uncompetitive racecar NOW is better than waiting until later. Experience is a great teacher.
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