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2004 Nissan Frontier unexplained deceleration and loss of gas to engine

I have a 2004 Nissan Frontier 4 cylinder automatic with 57k miles on it that looses acceleration sometimes when going over 40 to 50 mph. Shifting into neutral during these events will allow gas to the engine, but I have to pull over or coast to below 25 mph before I can get acceleration back. Sometimes I have to turn the engine off and then wait a few minutes before turning it back on before the car will accelerate properly again. The issue usually happens after driving the car for about 10 minutes, although sometimes lately it seems to act up sooner than that and even before getting up to highway speeds (above 40 mph). I rarely drive this truck (it is not my daily driver) and when I do I typically drive it for short local trips at below highway speeds, so I can go for weeks, and sometimes months before needing to fill up the tank with gas. Nissan dealer had the truck for 3 months trying to diagnose it, and thought they had fixed the issue but the issue came back 4 months and 500 miles later. Originally the symptoms felt like an anchor was being thrown out the back of the truck, causing it to quickly decelerate beyond just taking your foot off the gas. Now it just feels like no gas is getting to the engine and the car is simply decelerating while in gear.

Here are the things the dealer tried for fixes:

Replaced the automatic transmission fluid (they thought it was dirty and causing the issue).
Replaced the gasket-throttle chamber
Replaced the distributor
Replaced the mass air flow sensor (venturi)

No engine codes have even appeared on this vehicle since it was new (I am the original owner).
Here is a video of this issue happening to me (this was after the dealer replaced the automatic transmission fluid but before the other items were replaced)

I have replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, and fuel filter to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd hate to get rid of this truck given it is in great condition with low miles. Any thought or suggestions on what to try next would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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