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i need to find faster friends..

*Disclaimer: All these stories were made up with the creativity of my own imagination and should not be acted out by anyone except professional drivers on a closed course..*
There are[*] which can be referenced to the bottom of the post.

Back in the day, it was about who was the better driver..

Then, it became all about who had the better setup..

After that, it turned into who had the better tune..

Now, its about more about who can keep their car running (properly) and not get pulled over..

Last night I seriously realized how little fun I have now that I'm no longer the one in the 'underdog' category. I was cruising down the freeway when i was approached by an unknown flat black nissan s14. Apparently he thought he would entice me with a little flyby.. I was a little hungry and as they say, 'beggers can't be choosers..'. I quickly drop the car from 6th into 4th[1] and roll onto the throttle to let him know challenge has been accepted.. Now we're aligned and I wait for the s14 to take the jump. Suddenly his nose picks up and the faintest trace of his rear squatting down notifies me that the duel has begun.. I apply the throttle at a somewhat slow rate to gauge the potential of this adversary and see though he fights valiantly, we are dead even with me at about 3-4psi and like 50ish% throttle. I don't know if what i did next was to encourage some insight in the ways of the dark horse[2], or to show him that his attempts while bold were ultimately futile..
I floor it and watch the boost gauge jump up to 17psi and the rpms quickly rise from about 3.4k to 6k which rockets my car far enough in front that I'm no longer in the same 1/8th mile section of freeway he is[3]. I slow down but seems the pride/ego of the young s14 has been tarnished. Apparently he is no longer interested in messing with a bigger, badder, more capable machine..
Later in the night, the bright twinkle of a 6000k HID lighting system catches my eye as it gets brighter and brighter. From around the sea of cars, approaches a black Subaru STi[4]. I merge over a lane so that we'll be side by side and downshift into 4th. During the second or two I was off the throttle to get myself into a better gear, the sti had gotten a bit in front of me. i give it enough gas to build 4-5psi and quickly close the gap. I let off completely but the subaru is still just accelerating.. We're almost in the thriple digits and still we haven't had a proper lineup. So I gas it up to 10psi and let off when I pull up next to him and once again he just keeps on accelerating. Now I'm kind of getting annoyed with this guys willingness to speed but won't acknowledge me but my friend who is sitting shotgun tells me, 'Umm.. i think he's actually been trying the entire time..'
I once again brace the rear of the gas pedal against the firewall and feel the boost kick in. After I pulled like 2 car lengths or so just to have an undisputed declared winner, i let the throttle body close up and prepare to get off at the next interchange..
Then as I'm approaching the home stretch on the freeway, i decided to show the new guy on the local forums who was following us in his own car and my friend in passanger what WOT in 4th at 17ish psi was like..

This was said while in middle of the pull..
passenger: 'What!?! and you don't think thats fast..?'

This was said after meeting back up at a local member's house..
new guy: 'my intial reaction was oh damn.. and then it was fuck thats fast..'


[1][which actually puts me below my powerband. 3rd would of been a better choice but I was experiencing some type of spark blowout from 6.1k on. I figured that running the car from out of powerband would give me a broader range once I got in as opposed to having 1k rpm of clean power and having to shift into 4th anyways.]

[2][The 'dark horse' is a term for a competitor who very little is known about or who unexpectedly wins.. My reference is because we're both in flat black cars.

[3][Not trying to be cocky or anything but it was probabaly closer to us not being in the same 1/4 mile reigon. It looked like i pulled bus lengths on this guy.]

[4][It was a pig-nose one. i believe those are 06-07 models? It looked stock]

[5][Looks like I'll be having to make new friends with some of the newer v8 guys (C6 Corvette Base/Zo6,2010+ Camaro,2011+ Mustang 5.0,2008+ Pontiac G8 GT/GXP, etc..) so I can once again be an underdog..
'LOL! Yeah, that's pretty much how it goes... You convince yourself that it is good enough, but then something gets you thinking you are soooo close to being that next step quicker... Then the wallet comes out and all hell breaks loose.' - mjannusch from 3si
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Re: i need to find faster friends..

Good story! I liked the read. I know what you mean about finding faster people though. I find the cars I used to have fun with aren't really interesting anymore lol. I do have friends that will walk all over me though, so I guess I still have some cars to aim for!
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Re: i need to find faster friends..

If you need faster friends, get a pagani Zonda. You will go very fast. I want one. Then I might actually win a race. I watch car shows on TV all the time and that is my dream car for sure.
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