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Street/Track Racing Stories! Beat any Mustangs today? Tell everyone about what your Honda can do! (Keep it clean)
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Old 10-03-2004, 09:28 AM   #46
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

Best ever win...

My cousin just got his license and the lucky bugger got a 1993 Nissan Skyline Gts-t!

At the time I was driving a shit box 1993 Toyota Camry Csi[2.2l]

Needless to say we raced from a redlight and I owned his ass, because he nearly stalled. Sure he later caught up to me, but the fact is I got a good 2-3 cars on him with a mean launch, on my then engine that had done 270k!!
89 Toyota Corolla with 4agze conversion, zzzzzzzzzz
is that a front mount!

Kill list - Commodore VR SS 5L, 2004 Subaru WRX, every model v6 out there pretty much, nissan 180sx with ca18det, mr2 n/a
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Old 10-10-2004, 10:58 PM   #47
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Lets see....there are a few that are on pretty much the same level:
1. Friends Yellow ITR - Intake
2. RSX type-S I/E
3. 2003 Mustang GT
I have a 98 eclipse gs-t with a 14B turbo running at 16psi....
funnest time getting owned: 911 GT2....that put me down a peg
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Old 10-18-2004, 07:38 PM   #48
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

my 86 SS Vs. viper gsx at the track i had some slicks on so track was not a problem he spun that why i won im sure but hey a $4000 dollar car beat and 80k one....that sounds good to me
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Old 10-21-2004, 02:38 PM   #49
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Great thread!

Hmmm. There are some losses I'd rather not remember...Trans Am WS6, Audi S4, and a supercharged '66 Chevelle with a 396ci that still causes me to awake in the middle of the night in cold sweats. For Christ sakes! The front left tire came off the ground when he launched that fucker. Not fair. I had no chance!

I've had a few gratifying wins though...a lightly modded Evo 8 from a dig, an STi with exhaust from a roll, a '97 M3 with cams, my cocky British coworkers's RX-8, a few 350Z's and a G35 coupe driven by two angry flaming queers. I'd have to say though that my favorite win is probably against my brother's '68 Buick Skylark GS 400. It's got a 400ci stroker (displacing 423ci), some crazy custom built 3 speed auto tranny, high rise intake, headers, 4.12 posi gears, custom 12" Buick rally rims in back, this monster 950 CFM Carter carb hand built during the Nixon administration, driveshaft safety loop, etc, etc. I know there's more but my brother would have to tell me the specifics. The only major thing that hasn't been improved upon is the stock camshaft. He bought the car from our cousin's brother-in-law who lives out near Edwards AF Base in the Mojave Desert. The guy spent about 3 years restoring the car, building the motor and tranny, and tuning it...then he got married and his wife wanted a convertible '65 Mustang. Uggghhh. Poor bastard. His only request is that he be allowed to keep it in the family. The wife said fair enough. My brother was close enough to family so he got the sale. They still email each other frequently to discuss the car. It reportedly ran a low 12 on slicks (in the high desert at about 3k feet of elevation!) before my brother bought it. Pretty impressive for a 4k+ lb car...especially at that altitude. Since then my little brother added an electronic distributor and headers. With a good tune we've been told by a few gray haired Buick gurus that it should be a high 11 second car at seal level with some good slicks and an experienced driver. It's one helluva car to say the least.

He brought his Buick up to my mom's house from San Diego in June. Except for some interior parts, the car is totally restored and freshly painted a beautifull midnight blue with a clear coat finish. It's also got a really nice stereo system. He was worried about people trying to steal it. There had been 2 attempts in less than a month span and the security staff in his apartment complex is really shady...shady to the point my brother felt they may have been in on it. The car now sits in a garage in San Mateo surrounded by 2 extra trannys, 3 carburetors, an intake manifold, another set of rally rims, and all sorts of other spare parts. Anyways, my brother came up last weekend in his daily '02 Stratus RT...and was curious to see how fast my car is now that I installed the Mopar stage 2 turbo upgrade. Just to be a little smart ass he decides that for the 1st run he's going to race me with his Stratus and make me earn his respect. OK. Fair enough. Little fucker. It was a massacre. I put multiple buslengths on him before I got out of 2nd gear. Now I got his attention. We stop at Carls Jr to get a bite to eat before going back to the house for the Buick. My brother tells me he didn't think my car was that fast. He used to have an old 1st generation DSM Eclipse and said he was expecting it to be in that range. He also reminds me that his Buick hasn't been turned over since June so, odds are, he'll need to jump it. Sure enough he was right. We hook the jumper cables up between my car and his and he fires it up. Hot damn! I forgot how loud that thing is with the headers. Very imtimidating. It has no mufflers and no cats...just two 18" resonators behind the cross-over pipe. It screams "fuck you smog checking tree hugger" if you listen carefully.

I'm having second thoughts now, but it's past the point of no return. After the car warms up a bit we both head off to our secret little race spot in nearby Foster City. The road we run on is totally deserted except for contruction trucks during the M-F business week. On weekends it's all ours. His car hasn't been tuned for months and mine was given some serious TLC 3 days earlier when I installed the stage 2, checked for boost leaks, tightened up all the clamps around the intercooler, throttle body, and I cleaned out the air basically I'll have no excuses if I lose. The "well I get 30mpg excuse" wouldn't get me more than a laugh. So we line up next to each other and wait for the light to turn green. I get a quicker jump but start spinning and getting wheel hop pretty bad so I shift to second at about 4,000 RPM's rather than the recommended 5,000 RPM's. He spins all 28" of rear tire meat pretty bad and ends a little crokked up at my quarter panel by about 60mph when I quick shift into 3rd. He's starting to steadily pull on me but our designed finish line is quickly approaching. I quick shift from 3rd to 4th...boom! backfire...but still lose ground. He's already in 3rd and that's all the gears he has. I lose his car in my side mirror but instantly catch it out of the corner of my left eye. That thing is fucking loud in my ear and pulling hard. I cross the finish line at about 110mph-112mph winning by a cunt hair...maybe 3-5 feet at most. Another 50 yards and I woulda been the loser. We pull over and my brother congratulates me and reminds me of that fact right away. Had he not fuxor'd the launch he would have got me too. Just the was awesome. BIG BROTHERS > LITTLE BROTHERS.

He said his car was pinging like all hell so he didn't want to run it again. We took it back and spent the afternoon tuning it with a friend of ours. After we were done all three of us jumped in the Buick, with my brother at the wheel, and took it for a spin. It was a different car. No way in hell would I be able to hang now so I wisely declined the offer for another race. I'm now officially retired from racing my brother with an undefeated record. It's eating him alive. Muwahahahahaha!
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Old 10-25-2004, 04:56 PM   #50
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

well i guess i can post this in here.. i had a 92 ford probe lx 5 spd and he had an eagle talon i think it was a turbo but i am not sure.. anyways.. we were at a light and you know. he started so i figured that i would show him up.. just getting the car and all.. anyways... the light turned green and i pulled off the line.. he dropped back i swear it was at least 3 car lenghts.. anyways after i pulled off the peddle he came to me and was like "dude what you got in that thing" all i could tell him what that i had a 3.0 ltr v6 because at that time i didn't know anything and it was still stock.. but sad to say that car is gone.. it just gave up and died on me.. i miss it tho..
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Old 12-03-2004, 11:12 AM   #51
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my best win would have to be against a 4th gen lude dont know if it was vtec or not or auto or not we come to a light he starts revving on me and i though oh well i go for it figuring that my civic would get handed but to my amazment it didnt ,then i realized why it came out on time damn lude was driven by some ricer oh well still got the kill

99 civic ex
engine bored
Goodbye civic Hello turbo outback goodbye outback Hello WRX
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Old 12-07-2004, 05:38 PM   #52
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My best on so far has been a 5.0 very close race until I hit fourth, don't know if he let off or what but I pulled on him
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

alrighty then....

i guess i'm like the only won that beat niggas with civic dx..stock motor..aem cai..apexi exhaust

My most gratifying win..had to have been a 95, 96 thunderbird..v8...
i might have the year wrong..not the humongous ones..the smaller ones...
anyways we r at a light..he has his pretty girl next to him..starts revving i say why not...
killed him..strr8...2 lights in a row....:-D

2nd most gratifying...1992 prelude 2.2 si...
he had a passenger..i didn't
the best part about the race was that i was about 2 feet ahead of him the whole time..and i am looking at him like NOT THIS TIME SUCKERRRR :-D
while i was whoopin his ass..

3rd most gratifying kick ass was a 1991 accord..sounded like pretty modded..anyways killed him light to light..later found out that we were both basically stock..but hey a kill is a kill :-D

as far as stangs go..i basically believe they are good for nothing but burnouts...they are just too heavy...i have killed a couple but they would swear that they aint give it their all...

so thats what they all say!
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Old 12-27-2004, 03:41 PM   #54
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I would say my best win would be against a '95 Mustang Cobra (the 240HP one). The guy pulled up next to me at a light and out of nowhere just started shouting trash about how slow my car is and that it's a girls car. So when the light turned green we both went. He got a better launch of course, being RWD. After the launch I was slowly creeping up on him. By the time I was about half-way through 3rd gear (around 75mph) we were side by side and I was pulling away. At 120mph I had about 1 car on him and we both shut down. I kept looking over at the next light trying to give him a thumbs up but he wouldn't look at me. Oh well.. I guess the almost 900 lbs his car had over mine didn't help him.
Best GT-S STOCK times: 1/4: 14.788 @ 94.98mph 1/8: 9.640 @ 75.87mph
Best Alltrac times: 1/4: 13.3 @ 102mph (older setup) 1/8th: 7.8 @ 83mph (old setup)
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Old 01-14-2005, 11:15 PM   #55
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

I guess this doesn't have to be in a honda? My favorite win, not exactly best, was against this guy in a blue SRT-4. I pulled up next to him at a light. Didn't say anything to him or anything. But, a girl in his car started giving me thumbs down. I thought it meant they didn't want to race. No problem, theres plenty more races out there. Light turns green he launches with everything he's got while I cruise off. Interesting, I thought. So, the next light ahead of us was red we pulled up to it. She rolled he window down and started yelling to me how my car was a piece of shit and it was slow..but it was pretty. So I said "Thank you, I think my car looks pretty good too." She continued on how my car sucked, blah blah blah. So I rolled up my window and watched the light as I could see her in the corner of my eye yelling things/giving me thumbs down. Light turns green, we both launch, I got the jump from the light..he's pulling..I shift 2nd..pull away..he pulls some...I shift 3rd..pull away..he pulls some..I shift fourth, I'm going about 80, I brake at a point in which I am an easy half car infront of the SRT-4. Next light, we didn't get the front of it..but we were even. Still, she continued yelling more stupid things about how I got lucky. I took of slowly and let the car infront of me get some distance and at about 15mph in 1st, I floored it, let off at 30ish..shifted 2nd and held the RPMs to let him know I was wanting to try him from a roll. So, he pulls up. Revs it, take off..gets about a half a car on me before I react. I slowly pull away and win with his bumper just at my GT logo. Third time. I slow down some and continue to cruise knowing I have just defeated him twice. but, apparently he's not done. he revs it up. I downshift into 3rd, rev it up and let the clutch out and jump. This time, I won by about half a car. As you can is unwise to let a passenger do alot of shit talking your shitty driving skills can't back up.
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New to this, so I hope you don't mind me sharing.
Best memory? My first Honda, a 91 Prelude Si. Before these things had available parts too! Waaaaaay back in 98 I smoked an early 80's Chevy truck from a light.
It breaks down like this: My car was outfitted with a custom intake, made from an integra intake, a K&N, and some scrap aluminum. I had Splitfires and bigger wires, 91 octane, hollow cat plus 2.25" all the way back and a little tuning to line it all up. The stereo was limited to two speakers and a head unit, back seats and belts, spare tire, trunk carpet, fender liners, and anything not nailed was scraped. All this was rolling on 14" and 13 lbs. or so of some generic looking polished five stars.
My opponent? A 2-door benchseat equipped Chevy pos. It's only mod to the 350 crate motor was a Holley 4-Barrel (that's a carburetor btw). This was a full-size truck, but I guess it was still relatively light, considering. Anyway, he pulled up, revved on me untill I bit, I neutral dropped early in the hopes of getting a little much needed traction and zoom, away we went. About 25 feet later I was catching up and by roughly 60mph or so I was showing off my taillights. AS I passed I heard a horrible sound that I can only assume was his engine crying at 6500 rpms because it had no top end.
My current prides: an 02 Ex with Racing Hart 16" Tuners, progress tech.springs and Brembo slotted and drilled and a 92 Cx hatch with a sleeved b18a (84mm slugs), b16 head, .42 Ar T3, Aem fuel cam and pulleys, 16" Rota slips, Brembo slotted, Tsunami lip, Aerogear hood, Type R seats, etc, etc.....
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my funnest win

i had (wish i still had it) my 88' Rx-7 N/A, short ram intake, high flow cat. thats it..... out of all the stories/kills i can tell about with this car this was the funnest one....
im cruisin around streets of Riverside. ((CALI, in case nobody knows)) and these chicks in a brand new Eclipse (V6, exhaust, sounded like a lil intake too maybe) pull up n start lookin at me and shit so i u know how it goes you keep lookin at each other n sht bla bla bla. n e way light turns green the chick jumps quickly into race mode. i put through 1st and 2nd until i hit the next light and we are lined up i smile and say lets do it. she and her ditsy friends are all giggling now. green lights up our windsheilds and her tires start spinnin' i go for a launch, works perfectly, im gone, she had no chance whats so ever. so im all giddy now and she finally meets me at the next light again. her friends are screamin something at me that sounded like hyenas mixed with the words "You cheated, You have NOS!". i laugh and start revving to taunt her. once again we race i burn out all the way through 1st and continue through the middle of 2nd until i finally grab the road right before 3rd, 3rd gave me a slight chirp and im gaining on them very quickly, she sees me coming and downshifts (i saw her car dip hardcore in case anyone was wondering, lol), i had no worries about her new ugly style peice of crap. so very drawn out story short i KILLED a 00-04 v6 eclipse with ease. btw..... i now am happily back to a Honda..... 96 Accord EX-R V6 that has an intake and a venom performance module deal. i got some stories with that beast too.
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Old 03-02-2005, 12:04 AM   #58
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The Best race in the summer of 2004
killed a 13flat 1992 eclipse gsx
EG hatchback with a CRVtec
EG hatchback with a CRV Boost
DA teg with a 1999 GS-R motor with NOS
another boosted eg civic dont know what kind of motor but it was a sleeper when we was at the gas station he was pumping 93 and he was waiting for me to leave so i guess he can race me but got beat when we raced at the lights.
DC2 GS-R with 75 shot of nos
i have a EF Hatchback with a CRVtec ALL MOTOR
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Old 03-07-2005, 06:24 PM   #59
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

Best kill actually just happened saturday. My friend 4 (98 prelude SH) and I were just driving around in our cars and I rolled upon I think was an 98 coupe. Well in the bottom corner of the passanger door it had DOHC VTEC stickers. As I roll next to him, he drops second and kinda speeds off. Being the fun loving kid I am, I droped second and just start pulling on him. When he had dropped second I was at his rear passanger door, then when I dropped I found myself just looking at his tail lights. He had an open lane in front of him in front of me a distance I had a suv in my way. So when I pull up to his passanger door I hear him shift to third. Only problem was I was only at about 6,000 RPM. So I wind it out a little more and shift to third and noticing the SUV is coming up reallllllllll quick. By the time I got to third he was already reading my tail lights, so I quickly jumped over and quietly drove of. He didn't say anything to me, but later kept on avoiding letting me get over in front of him
'nuff said
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Well, its the only kill I have ever had, but it wasnt in my civic in which has been in the shop since I got it, Ive had it for near a month and i have only driven it to get it and drop it off at the shop, basically its a start from literally near scratch, but everything is about done and I should acctually get my car back in a couple of days.

But anyways, as I was about to say. Me and my wife we heading to Atlantic City and it was about 3 AM in the morning and a pair of headlights started comming up on us, my wife was asleep at the time. Im not thinking much of it because I am still a bit tired, I had already been driving for over an hour. But those headlights moved over and I caught a sight of a riced out Integra, I dont know the years on them, but it was the previous gen. I was only going about 55, I was in no hurry, but I was only in 3rd at the time and low third at that. But the Teg had a body kit, wing, exhaust, cant say for the engine though because I never got to see it, and what looked like 17's on low pros. I could hear his sterio system though because my ittle radio was shut off so my wife could sleep, I hear him downshift because his exhaust got louder. So I just say fuck it, He got a little off me because I wasnt quite ready for it, so he had a car on me right off, but then I downshifted right into second and started to catch up to him, by the time I was at third I had already caught up with him, and near into 4th I pulled past him like there was no tomorow hitting about 120 and keeping it there till I couldnt see him anymore in my mirrors. I didnt give him the chance to do a fly by on me, either he pulled off or just didnt try, I didnt see him again for the rest of the drive that night, but that just stands out the most because it was my first kill, I am not the racer type, I just like to drive.

At that time I was driving my 90 RX7 TT swap with an exhaust and a Apex'i SAFC. as it says in my sig...I miss my FC...
92 Mazda MX3: Where did I put that thing?
90 Mazda RX7 GTU: I should have got the turbo.
94 Civic DX: My little project.

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