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Lightbulb 1998 Hyuandai Accent not turning over/idling rough/possible fuel or fuel pump issue?

Okay so Iíve had my vehicle for about 8 months now. My wife got it from a used dealer for 1100 😂💀 it is a 500$ hatchback imo. Especially considering the condition it was in when my Wife purchased it. It broke down a week after having it. The dealerships mechanic supposedly fixed the alternator for 500$. Still wouldnít run right tho. It had a really rough idle for a month before I fixed the idle. It got better only to get worse and then just repeated the cycle. It likes to quit and stall out like a Manuel 😐 and the acceleration seems to have gotten worse. I can feel less power when I gas it than from when I first drove it. It has an economy button on it that wasnít pushed to ĎOFFí for probably 2 months after first getting it. How long it was on before that, Iím not sure. It hasnít had an oil change in who knows how long...same with the tranny fluid. I did replace the oil filter, oil today Nd 4 spark plugs yesterday.The oil was dark and gritty. Thereís oil buildup all over. I was told that this is bad I did this, I hosed off my block and washed off oil buildup because when my block gets hot it just smokes which I assume is from the buildup? The alternator shakes because itís missing a nut that keeps it from moving. The wires are chewed up from packrats. The dealership just had them taped with electrical tape instead of replacing them....the spark plug wires need to be replaced ( hopefully doing that tmrw September 9) they work but I had to cut open the rubber housing to pull the connector closer to the end of the housing because it wasnít reaching the plug...that seemed to work for now. It was dead for 2 days. I got it running yesterday evening after replacing the plugs and messing with the connecters. It ran but with less umph. Then around 11 today it didnít want to start up after I changed the oil Nd filter. I would turn the key, it would sputter, then make a whirring/buzzing noise like gears would sound if the teeth didnít catch. The only thing that works when it does that is to pump the gas hard and fast right when I turn the key. The air filter isnít bad but does need replacing. Also, sometimes i smell really strong gas fumes. The exhaust is a bit oily and black. The steering needs to be realigned. I have to have the steering wheel turned 30 degrees to the left in order to follow a straight line. Iíve ripped two tiresí tread off. Iím assuming from over steer thatís going on...I think I have as much info as I had....if anyone can help with any of my issues thatíd be got dang perfect 😁
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Re: 1998 Hyuandai Accent not turning over/idling rough/possible fuel or fuel pump issue?

you sure its worth putting any more money into? sounds like it was just a junker dealer was glad to get rid of. you can try the dist cap, plugs and wires but if engine is worn out might not run much better. can rent a compression gauge from local auto zone or oreillys for free with a deposit if you want to check condition of the rings. as far as the oil leaks i usualy take it to a car wash and use the high pressure soap wash then rinse. just wrap a plastic bag around dist cap and try to avoid spraying the exhaust manifold with lots of water. bring along screwdrivers or whatever it takes to remove the cap in case it gets wet. once its cleaner should be able to see where the oil is leaking from
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