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Re: Re: Re: Interior paint??

-I've had the car for 4 years, and the same girl for 2..
-I don't need an automobile to pick up chicks, and I'm sorry if you do.
-You're arguing just to argue, and you're losing so I suggest you stop now while you're behind because it's getting old.
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Re: Re: Interior paint??

Originally Posted by SkylineGTRboi
ahem...."calling us"??? lol that's funny cuz no one said n e thing about u so just stay out of it. so wut if he has Type R in there, his car still looks butt ugly like his girl, if he gets n e with that car of his lol. Girls don't really care about Type R, if you've picked up n e, u'd know haha. BTW it's guys like this Type R dude that makes pple miss the real meaning of a ricer. Don't call me a ricer when u don't know what it really is.
I wouldn't call you a ricer, I'd call you a troll since that IS what you are by defininition, which is basically a person that comes onto a BBS such as, and starts crap and flaming people off the bat. I can verify that with you since you have very few posts, and most of those are flame attacks. That's not at all respected, nor tolerated for that matter. If you're not careful you'll push the right button to get yourself banned, permenantly if it's bad enough. You PM'ed me about something I did with my car that you liked. Now I'm glad I didn't PM you back (I was real busy with stuff to get back to you on it right away). I was going to reply back till all this went down in here. All I gotta say is read the first italicised line of my signature. With your attitude to people on here, don't expect to get much help or replies to any questions or posts you may have. First impressions are what matter most to people, and your's definitely won't stick well with me for future referance.

I leave you with this question... What exactly IS a ricer? Because ask anyone on here and they will tell you is subjective to whomever's opinion it's formed from. Simple terms, it's all in the eye of the beholder. There is NO absolute definition of a ricer. What's rice to one isn't always to another. While you ponder that, wave goodbye to this thread because it's now closed!
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"The last time you had THIS much fun driving a car, it cost a quarter, and gyrated in front of the supermarket."

i have yet to see any well done imports around here. most are road toilets driven by some high school punk -Drift

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