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Street/Track Racing Stories! Beat any Mustangs today? Tell everyone about what your Honda can do! (Keep it clean)
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Old 01-25-2004, 11:32 PM   #16
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stock vs stock

my freinds mazda 6 I vs my 92 lude Si. got a good launch and beat him by a hlaf car but if we had gone much fartehr he wulda caught me. those things have some nice high end
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Old 01-28-2004, 02:36 PM   #17
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Re: Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

Originally Posted by sideshowrich
I had an 88 Civic STD hatch, i/h/e, almost totally gutted, except for the spare and my registration, and I beat this girl in her Tempo. She kept saying her car was faster than mine, so I said "Let's make it interesting." The deal was if she won, I owe her the $200 I had on me, I won, I get a three way with her and her cute friend (she was that confident). Needless to say, I won, but she chickened out. She did let me watch her and her friend make out a little

Wasn't exactly a race for the record books, but it definitely sticks out in my mind.
haha...thats awesome!!thats the best race story ever dude...seriously
my cousin had a ford festiva and he was trying to punk me..saying civics suck and i beat him by 3 car lengths with 5 people in my car
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Old 01-31-2004, 01:07 PM   #18
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The best win i have been in was when i was riding shot gun in my friends truck. Here are the cars- A 1991 ford ranger xlt with a 4 litre v6 automatic vs. my friends dads 1992 honda accord ex 4 door automatic. So my friend in his dads accord told me that he wanted to meet me and my friend with the ranger for a quick drag over by my house. So we meet there and its a dead street where no cops are there. We line up. Before we launch i tell my friend (im in the ranger) that he is going to whoop the shit out of the accord. He says for me not to get my hopes up and that we're probably going to get raped. So we go at three honks. 1,2,3 and we take off. And i must say from the start the ranger killed the accord. I mean it was devastating. We beat it by like 5 cars 3 times. It was an amazing day for old ford rangers. I must say that 4 litre packed one hell of a punch!
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Old 02-05-2004, 09:51 AM   #19
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

I'm going to go with the 96 Mustang GT I beat. I accidently cut the guy off to get to my turn, I waved to appologize and he honks and flips me off, I'm like WTF. We both take the turn and he guns it to the outside lane trying to pass me. I punch it and pull about 2 cars on him to 90mph. I slowed down to see his reaction. As he passed me he rolled his window down screaming that I was a POS. Knowing that I already kicked his ass I just let it go (don't hate the player, hate the game).

Anyway he apparently wants some more cuz he decided to cut me off and slam on his brakes. Now I'm upset, he goes to take off again I drop it down two gears, I'm gaining and about to pass him when he tries to cut me off as I'm switching lanes, I swerve back to my original lane, pass him and give him the finger. ( I was stoked cuz I pulled a Days of Thunder move on his ass!) LOL... Waiting for YouCantBanMe to make a comment
6spd Accord Sold, but you can still admire it, as I do, at
2001 S2000 Currently -- Comptech Intake, Neuspeed Springs, Neuspeed Cat-Back Exhaust, Air/Fuel guage, Nitrous Pressure Guage, TPS, Remote bottle Opener, 2 Step Colder Plugs, NX Wet 75 Shot, 4.57 Gears, 5% tint.
2005 Mustang GT: Working on C&L Intake w/ Tune, Pro Kit, Wet 75 shot. Shooting for Mid 12's.
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Old 02-10-2004, 09:50 PM   #20
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

Probably the ones that im most proud of is beating an audi a4 turbo 1.8 in the race track cause he was talking shit about his 40 thousand dollar german miracle and i beat him by 4 cars in the quarter mile.
Honda Civic 1999 EBP SiR
Im not as fast as I am furious.
1/4 mile = 15.347 (sealevel)
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Old 02-16-2004, 03:51 AM   #21
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

when i first got my bb6 lude and was crusin with my cousin who ahd came over from DC
were gona get some late nite food when at the light a 92ish 5.0 pulled up
he was white with his grl next to hime
i didn't wanna race cause i never took my car to the limit yet so perfect chance rite?
lights turn green and he gets the spin while i pull 1 car ahead
pulled hard thru top of 3rd @ bout 105 and beat him by like 2 cars he was hella piss and his car was loud as hell too
me stock 99 Prelude base
mods: new tires on stck rims AVS es100s
and a cool ice air freshener +50 hp
Power is Nothing without Control

#464 NBP ITR
Comptech Sports Intake+ Ice Box, AEM FPR, AEM fuel rail, Nology wires, Greddy Iridium plugs, DC sports 4-1 SS header, Apex'i N1 Exhaust, Apex'i VAFC II tuned

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Old 02-18-2004, 12:06 PM   #22
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I guess it would be me vs. 98ish GMC Sonoma SS or maybe it was an S10 SS, can't remember

It was at the beach and it was from a 30mph roll, to 70mph
I had about 1 car on him. He was solo and I had my cousin, who weighed like 230-250lbs.

-Me- (at the time)
-91 civic Si-
-tokico blues/H&R springs-
-empty tank-
-16" katana c7s- heavier than stock

-borla exhaust-
-100 shot N20- (he didn't spray)
-shift kit-

I don't really know if it was a good race or not, I don't think those things are that fast, but they aren't incredibly slow either.

Actually that wasn't the best race I've won, it was just the first one that I thought of.
Lexus SC300 (Kazera KZa 18"x8.5" 245/40 (front), 18"x9.5" 275/35 (rear)... put on hold.
Civic Hatchback Si (I/H/E, d16z6 head, H&R springs/tokico blues, etc.)
94 Prelude Si (Sold!)

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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

the best race for me would have to be racing my previous camaro against a brand new camaro. we are driving down the street and this dude in a new camaro with altezzas and vinal decals is speeding up and hammering his brakes right next to me. so when we get to the next traffic light i look at him, he looks at me and when the light turns green we both hammer the gas. it is close until i shift into second and then i pull on him hard until we hit 70 and the light on the next block turns red. when we are sitting there i notice how pissed he is and that his girl is laughing at him. i was in my 89 camaro rs with a 305 manual tranny and nothing done to it exept an exhaust. from what i hear that kid is running an auto and has tried to build his motor and still lost to a stock older supposedly slower camaro. anyway that is the race that stands out in my mind the best.
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Old 02-27-2004, 07:13 PM   #24
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my little neon whooped on this mx-6. my car is all stock and the mx-6 has a CAI, racing seats. But anyway it was me and my brother in the car and he was in nuetral(loser)when my friend dropped his hands and the other kid we were racing was all revved up so we got smoked off the line second gear came and we began haulin and when third kicked in we were at about 55 killn him by at least 3 car legnths. the kid swore he could win but no.
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Old 03-08-2004, 06:17 PM   #25
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

my best race was when i was at the track in my auto accord with just "custom" straight pipes and cold air intake. i came up against a celica gt with headers intake catback exhaust, gauges up the ass in his car. like wide body body kit, huge ass wing, thinking he was the shit. so in the staging lanes he said "nice wheels kid, it come in a package" i didn't say anything just let him talk went up had an amazing r/t of .010 and beat him by a car lengths he got laughed outta the stands. i may not be fast lol but it was fun as hell to see his embarrased face
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Old 03-11-2004, 01:40 PM   #26
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haha this may be hard to believe but i was at a stop light in my 91 celica st with racing tranny, alum flywheel intake and few other things. and light was red some guy pulled up in his v-tec preleude thinkin he wa tight with his base rattln and stuff... he spit some revs at me so i threw some back.... we both took off... i htink he took off a little late cuz he shulda got a better start then me.... got down the road and i was witin for him to smoke me... i looked back as i got to the next stop light and the front of his car was right next to my passenger door, when we got to the light he looked as surprised as i was
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

My best win was on a mountain road, looooong road with lots of nice bends. I killed a guy driving an Audi TT quatro turbo.

My other car's a Porsche, but today I'm in a hurry.
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Best ever win...

Before my low compression build on my H22A I had 174.8 to the wheels, after the build even though 3 bores and all the head work I now have 156 to the wheels, so in theory two cars.

4 weeks after the 2/10/2001 engine swap into my accord I came up against 5 somewhat the same and different 160 Si civics, new models at the time. They all thought they were the sh!tnuts let me tell you. Raced 2 then supposedly the next two fastest and the black one last. The black one with the most mods had i/h/e/ controller, lsd gsr tranny, clutch, msd, and cam gears.
Needless to say I never even saw the black civics lights at my door after getting started.

Just the other night I was driving, by the way I now have about 6300 miles on the 9.2-1 compression motor so far and have tested it some, and believe me I cannot wait for the damn turbo, it is nice for about 5 seconds in each gear compared to the stock motor compression wise it is quite dull, kinda like the se-r or the 240 SX motors.
So, I came up against two young wippersnappers in a lexus SC400 with i/h/e, who get this, started laughing at me. Ok, I am 39 and still love the lines of my 95 accord coupe and guessed I looked funny to them, and right now it has nice torque and launches well so I felt they had no clue and had a good chance. But I say unless you really sure you can beat somebody you DO NOT laugh at them.

Munched this lexus 4 times in a row and missed a stern 2nd gear shift twice so he just kept thinking he could pull it out, sorry dude.
Green 95 Accord coupe with a 95 Prelude motor(2/10/01); 2 motor builds later(first 12.5-1 the rings did not seat), it is now a 2.286?(.089 monster bore and sleeved) DOHC VTEC with 9.2-1 JE pistons ready for a turbo T3/4. Cam gears, skunk2 stage 1 cams, crower rods, titanium head parts with a 3 angle valve job and extra thick head gasket.
AEM CAI, 421 DCSports header, Stillen FPR, trunk battery, H&R, tokico illuminas, front/back camber kits, & 215R16 FS GTS.
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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming...

well, i'm 6-0 with my new Sentra, but only 2 of them were good races.

First one was against my buddy's G2 Teg with a B16 and I/E. I took him by a car length.
Other one was against a S13 240sx with the factory KA and I/H/E. Took him by a car length too.

My car is bone stock BTW. Those two races put some confidence into my car and so far I haven't lost yet.

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The one I am most proud of came right after racing the guy who brought me into the scene and helped me build my first car. Lost to him because his friend was standing at my window talking to me when they flagged the start. Only lost by half a car so we decided to run again. Second race NP. Beat him by a over a car length. Cars had almost identical mods, but he had an older 96 accord with the non vtec. Felt good to win my first race on only my second attempt.
99' Honda Accord LX Sedan

-DC Headers
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-Unorthodox Underdrive Pulleys -NX Kit (50 shot)
-Accell Plug Wires & Denzo Iridium Plugs -#1 Tanabe Exhaust

1/8: 9.998

1/4: ????
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