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Question '01 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 Liter Engine

When car warms up taking off from light into 1st gear the front wheels feel like they wanna break loose. I was informed by a trans shop that the 1st gear bands are going. Need suggestions, upon request of some info about this problem before going out and buying a new transmission. Will not do it when turning on wet roads or when trans is cold only when trans is hot. Front Struts seem to be worn just wondering if its a suspension problem with the torque from the engine.

Car also has a second problem, when doing 50-55 MPH go to accelerate going into passing gear the car starts to chug or cut out. Also when pulling up to a stop or traffic light the RPMs will drop from 600 to approxomately 480 in about 10-20 Minutes or so. The car starts cutting out has no check engine lights and the car does'nt stall out. In the morning it gets sluggish it sorta pauses. Very concerned before I put a lot of money in it. In the summer when I put the air on or defrost the car would not hold its RPMs.

Has 91,000 Miles

This car has had these parts put in:
New Battery
New Plugs
New Wire Boots
Cat converter
New Distributer Cap
New coils
New O2 Sensor in Exhaust (don't know if it has one in motor)
New MAP Sensor
Throttle body has been cleaned
IAC has been cleaned
I put all those parts in and it still has these problems.
Has good horsepower until I stop at a light.
Idols rough.
Any suggestions are welcome thank you in advance.
Was told it might have a bad computer also was told the fuel prssure is fine don't know what the fuel prssure is supposed to be.
When it warms completely I hear the motor or something knocking. I was told it might be timing belt slapping against timing chain cover or because of low idol, and if I hold my foot on the accelerator it will not cut out only when I take my foot off the pedal and its idoling on its own.
Thanks and I hope to hear from you.
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Re: '01 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 Liter Engine

When I take of in 1st(low) it'll slip-n-spin too !

I wouldnt take anyones word that the trans is bad until you hav had it properly diagnosed by a trans specialist.

The fluid & filter could be changed to see if that helps.

You dont hav a distrubutor cap either
Ignition modul could be bad causing it to run poorly.

When you cleaned the IAC did you turn or push the tip that sticks into the TB?
If you did it could be the problem with idle, because thats what the Idle air control(IAC) does.

Sounds like you hav wasted money on stuff that could hav been tested first, that kinda sucks.

You can do a search on those coils and Ignition mod,
and thiers instructions I had posted earlier on how to test these on the 2.4 with a multimeter and a light probe.

And Welcome to AF !
1999 Grand Am SS 3.4 OHV
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