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Where is my oil going?

I have a 2001 Dakota with the small V-8 engine. I have about 126,000 miles on it and I change the oil regularly using Mobile 1 full synthetic 5W-30 year round.

Last Sunday afternoon my engine light came on (Not Flashing) and all of the gauges on the dash were reading normal. Engine Temp, Battery, Oil Pressure were all reading perfectly.

I began checking the obvious things first and when I checked the engine oil dipstick I saw that my oil level was below the "Safe" level and I had to add about a quart and a quarter of a second quart to bring the oil level back up and into the "Safe" zone on the dipstick and after starting and stopping the engine a few times the engine light went off.

Today, Thursday, just four days after last Sunday, my engine light came back on AGAIN and when I pulled the dipstick today I found the oil level had dropped to just below the safe level AGAIN on the dipstick.

What is weird is I don't smell any burning oil....I have absolutely zero drips of any kind of fluid under the truck....when I rev he engine and look at the exhaust pipe I don't see any smoke pouring out the tail pipe.

A year ago I was losing a little oil somewhere and I remedied that by changing the PCV valve and all was well until now.

I can't for the life of me figure out where nearly a quart and a half of oil went in the course of four days. Could it be my PCV valve needs looked at again?
Other than this oil consumption issue the engine starts and runs absolutely beautifully. I welcome your thoughts.


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