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Bonneville Transmission

My transmission just quit working. Over the past year it had been seeming like the motor had a miss in it every once in awhile but i think it was the transmission doing it because thats what it did right before it went out. There was no noise and now it does nothing. Someone told me he had problems like that before and it turned out to be a shaft under a plate on the end of the transmission. He said to undo the transmission line at the radiator and see if it is pumping oil. I did this and it is not pumping. Does anyone know anything about this problem.

Thanks James
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Re: Bonneville Transmission

What year is the car?

So, you have the engine running, and no fluid is being pumped out of the cooler line.

Have you checked the fluid level with the dipstick?Very low fluid will cause these problems.

If the fluid level is okay, how does the fluid look? If it's very dark, thick, burned-smelling etc your transmission filter might be plugged solid with debris. A filter and fluid change might make it operational, or it might be toast.

Otherwise - and this has never happened to me - the converter-to-flexplate bolts might have loosened up (which would cause a knocking/thumping noise) and either sheared off or fallen out. This means the engine crankshaft is physically no longer connected to the engine.

If they are good, your transmission pump may have failed. This part is inside the transmission and requires a transmission removal to inspect and replace,
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Re: Bonneville Transmission

It is a 1999 model.Fluid level is fine and looks clean and no burnt smell. When it went out there was a engine miss feeling and then nothing and there is still no sound like rubbing or scraping.

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Re: Bonneville Transmission

As Magic said more than likely this is an internal failure, just make sure an axle is not broken or popped out but you would here a noise if so.
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Re: Bonneville Transmission

Start with the simple things. The trans is apparently not moving any fluid (not pumping) and it cannot pump if the pump cannot draw fluid from the pan. Remove the pan and inspect the filter and seal. If the filter is damaged or plugged, or the seal/tube has failed, the pump cannot draw oil from the pan.

It's also possible the pressure relief has failed, but that's less likely.

Another possibility is pump failure. The pump shaft on this transmission (both the 4T60 and 65) is pitifully tiny in the input spline area. The same can be said for the input "shaft' (more like a paper towel core tube) and most of the shafting and shells within the box.

If the pump ingested any kind of debris and locked, the pump shaft may have failed. Without line pressure from the pump nothing will happen, and no unusual noise will occur. As a matter of fact, the lack of noise may be a real clue.

Again, lack of pickup oil or any large internal leak can cause loss of line pressure. There is not enough information here to determine a cause yet.
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Re: Bonneville Transmission

Is it throwing any codes??This also happend to my 2000 chevy Venture which has the same trans as the bonneville.I got a code that tells me the tcc
solenoid is stuck opend.I was driving home one night from work and just like that the trans stopped working.It was like someone turned off a swith.Anyways,if engine light is on check what the code is.....
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