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Old 09-21-2004, 03:43 AM   #1
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Support for the Lamborghini Cars website

Over the years the Lamborghini Cars website, which is still only a hobby of mine, has been drawing more and more time and effort into it to keep it up to date, also the investment in equipment to create the pages together with the software has been growing at a steady rate ... and is starting to put a big drain on me and my family.

The book I have been working on is nearly finished, but at this time none of the publishing companies I have contacted are interested. I had an agreement to have it printed and bound, but they withdrew on the last moment, this did give me time to add even more, recent material. But the downside is that right now I'll have to find a professional printing company and have it printed and bound myself. However the investment on this is massive, and too much for me to cover on my own.
The manuscripts I've sent out to publishing companies took a lot of time and money to prepare, and they didn't bring the result badly needed to at least cover some of the investment.

The photo's that were sent to me to be included in this book are being mailed back to the owners as you read this, I would again like to say a big thank you for all the magnificent photo's you've mailed me, and once the book will be ready, I will make sure you are invited to obtain one at a considerable discount.

The consequences of all these investments on my family's household income have resulted into more than one argument with my lovely wife, and the time it takes to work on both the book and the website has been increasing steadily, as a result I have to work half way into the night to at least get some work done. Unfortunately I must admit that recently the updates on the site have been taking more time than before to upload, simply because of a lack of time.

Digital photography is the best way to create images for the web, but a good semi-professional camera is still rather expensive, also the hardware and software to prepare the material for upload needs to be upgraded to keep offering the best I can to you, Lamborghini enthusiasts, from all over the world.

Naturally the site is not a commercial venture, so there is absolutely no intention of making money from it, but it would be nice if it could support itself, even partially, that way the effect on our household income would be decreased, and make the wife happy again.

Also the massive size (in Mb) and bandwidth use of the Lamborghini Cars website is at a level that most normal webhosts aren't even offering hosting a site like mine, fortunately enough I have the site hosted on a server owned by a great Lamborghini fan, for which I'm very grateful, only with his help am I able to offer you the Lamborghini Cars website ...

Personally I don't like the idea of a paid members site, and I refuse to take that direction with the Lamborghini Cars website, my site is a source of photo's and information on one of the most exotic car makes in the world, and I like to think that it is enjoyed globally because of this free spirit.
After all, that is why I have started the Lamborghini Cars website in the first place, to share the information and photographs featuring these magnificent automobiles with everybody, both enthusiasts and owners, because let's face it, we don't all have the means to buy one of the raging bull cars, let alone maintain it and drive it on the open road.

That's why I have a little request, if you've enjoyed the website over the years, maybe even used some of the information or photographs found on it for personal use or benefited in any way from it, your consideration would be greatly appreciated.
I would like to think that this website is not owned by me, but by the thousands that visit it regularly, people like me who have a great affinity with Lamborghini cars and everything that surrounds them.
Note that every little bit helps, so every donation, even modest ones, will be accepted with open arms, and I would like to offer something in return ...
for every donation of US $ 25 or more I will send you a hardcopy featuring a small history, photo's and specifications on just about all the production Lamborghini cars found on this site. Over one hundred pages, nicely bound and in full color, a free gift I offer you for your support ...

I have set up an account on Paypal to offer you the opportunity to use your credit card to support the Lamborghini Cars website, if you would like to send a personal check or use any other means to support the site, and help me make it even better, please don't hesitate to mail me directly at or take a look at the Lamborghini Cars website, the donations page.

Many thanks for your time,

kind regards
Mark Smeyers
Lamborghini Cars
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Re: Support for the Lamborghini Cars website

when you send me back my picture(im then ill try to buy the book and/or make a donation
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The book

Hi it would be great if you could put up some photos of the hardback book and history so we can see it, I'm sure more people will be willing like that too.
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Send a message via Yahoo to speedbuff_00
Re: Support for the Lamborghini Cars website

Hello Mark, Thanks for starting such a great website. I am a lambo replica builder and I use your site all the time. I will making a donation very soon and I would love to get a copy of also. is a forum for builders like me and eveybody that I know on there uses your website too. I think that it would be another good website to post this. If you don't want to join just to post it, Let me know and I will be more than happy to copy and paste it. Just let me know. Thanks- Barry
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