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1980, and a boatload of problems

I just finally got myself a new...old car. The 88 I had had some engine problems hidden away, now I know how to care for the engine better, but this new car has alot of problems.

The main thing I'm wondering about, is flushes. The car is a 1980, with around 70k miles on it. Last I checked (I'm going to pick it up tommorow after leaving it with my dad for 3 months) the transmission was a little rough. I was told that there are no problems with the transmission itself, its just been sitting for about 5 years and NEEDS new fluids. Should I go through with a transmission flush? From what I read, it could total the transmission if its in bad condition, and I just dont really have the money for that right now...

Also, last time I saw it, I had to throw some gasoline somewhere (I forgot what its called, but I want to say carburetor.) just to get it to start. If this problem still exists, what do I gotta do to not have to carry a gasoline can everywhere with me in my car?

Other problems are interior repair. I plan on fixing this car up so it doesnt look like its falling apart, so I could use some help here. The drivers side door doesnt open. Is it at all possible to fix this myself? The dashboard is loose, is there a lowbudget way of resecuring that?

I also hear a tree branch fell on top of my car, so I may have a question about that after I see it...

Thank you for all your help!
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Re: 1980, and a boatload of problems

As you live in Michigan, the first thing to check for is the condition of the frame rails behind the rear wheels and under the trunk floor.

These cars had HUGE problems with the rails rusting out, causing the car to be unsafe (and the rear bumper falling off, too.) You can get replacement rails that you weld in, but you may consider the car not to be worth fixing since there are a lot of problems.

As for the door, try spraying a lot of WD 40 down between the window and the door frame on to the door lock mechanism itself. Something may just be seized or stuck, causing the door lock mechanism to remain locked.

Carburetors have float bowls. If the car is not run for weeks at a time the gas in the bowl evaporates. Then, when you try to stat, it will not run until the fuel pump fills the bowl up again. However, a car driven reasonably regularly, (even twice a month or so) will not have this problem.

Dashboard loose? Try tightening up all the mounting screws. They are usually hidden from sight, so you will have to look around carefully for them.

As for the flush....... the important thing is to drop the pan, clean it out, replace the filter and clean up the magnet inside the pan. Put the pan back on and fill with clean fluid. This replaces some, but not all the fluid......
Then, before you start the car, disconnect the trans cooler lines on the radiator. Start the engine. The trans will pump out lots of dirty fluid out the line you have disconnected. When clean fluid appears, turn off the engine and reconnect the line. You may have to refill the transmission itself part way through this operation.
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