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Arrow Attn: READ before posting

1st off, welcome to the Integra part of Here is a section specifically for us teg drivers. Before posting, please keep a few things in mind:

Please read the FAQ thread...

It gets very tire-some for some of the older members to be asked the same q's over and over again. It also drags/hides threads that are new questions or more immediate technical questions. Hence...this thread was made so that we don't have repeating questions over and over again. If you aren't sure if something should go into the FAQ thread, or as a new thread, feel free to PM me and i'll let you know.

Don't flame one another... (too badly atleast)

As most of you know, im a pretty easy going guy and i'll let most things go, but don't let it get outta hand. If you and another persona are having any type of flame war that goes past a post each, move it to PM's. Please keep in mind that everyone has different opinions on "which way is the right way," so arguements are going to occur often. Just keep it civil and i'll let it slide.

If at any time you cross the line between "fun arguing" and "hate arguing," you will be receiving a PM from me, and possible further actions.

Feel free to PM myself or other senior members...

At any time, if you don't feel comfortable with asking a question on the boards, PM myself or someone else on the boards. whtteg is another sr member, jackassi is very good at suspension questions and others are quite knowledgable as well.

Keep it PG-13

I know that the majority of our members are 16-up, and most are used to crude language etc...

BUT, we do have some members of the younger crowd, so please try not to just go on cursing rampages. I understand that ppl have emotions and will type up words, but just don't let it get too heavy.

Also, keep all pictures that you load up appropriate for all ages. Any XXX or pics that reveal a bit "too much" will be asked to be taken down, then taken down. Haven't had a problem with this before, so lets not start.

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Old 12-07-2004, 12:36 AM   #2
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Ok here are a few more ground rules in addition to the rules set by KrNxRaCer00 that everyone needs to follow in order to keep the Integra forum clean:

1st Please no flame wars, if you see something that needs to be addressed then PM or Email me or any of the other moderators that are listed at the bottom right hand side of the forum. Do not flame anybody or feed the fire so to speak, instead just simply ignore the problem and we will take care of it as soon as we can.

2nd If you donít know the answer to a question that has been asked then do not reply with false information. By replying with false information you may cause someone to damage their car or get themselves hurt or even a passenger hurt. Bottom line donít just spout off rumors or ďhear sayĒ.

3rd Letís keep it on topic, if it does not apply to Integraís then it belongs somewhere else!

4th Please use the search feature before you post a question. You may just find the answer instantly instead of waiting for someone to answer it. You will find the search feature at the top right hand side of the forum page, not the one at the top center that says Goggle.

5th No spamming or advertising of any kind will be allowed. If you have something that you are unsure of, then simply contact me or another moderator and we will let you know if it is alright or not.

6th For Sale threads. If you have something you want to sell, then just simply post it in the Classifieds section. After doing this put a link to the thread in your signature, this way you will get good exposure without posting it numerous times.

7th Please look at post dates before posting. The post date is right below the userís screen name, if the last post made is more than 2 months old then leave it alone unless you are the original thread starter and you have an update.

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