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HHO Generators and Urea based systems

Is anyone having good results building and installing HHO generator in vehicles?
These systems claim to make the fuel burn hotter and thus cleaner exhaust while improving the fuel economy.
In addition it is supposed to clean the valves and the heads making the inside cleaner.
I have been playing around with one I built however not sure if I have it hooked up right feeding the Hydrogen Gas into the motor.
(The first unit I made blew up when the elements inside shorted out.)
Now I am using two water filter canisters hooked in series. The elements are mounted inside the canister to the screw on cap. They are now insulated from each other to prevent shorting out.
The terminals come through the cap and the Positive and Negative cables are hooked to the terminals.
The discharge hose fitting is through the cap also and a hose from it goes to the motor.
I installed a dual charging relay that is energized with the Ignition in the on position. It feeds to a switch on the dash next to an Amp meter to monitor the current. It will not route current to the canister elements until this switch is turned on. There is a 50 am inline fuse to protect the system.
I first hooked it into the large hose coming from the brake booster to the motor on my 1984 Ford F350 6.9 L Diesel truck.
I found out that was a dangerous place to tap into, as the brakes felt real spongy and the break light came on. So I removed it from there and routed it to the Air Cleaner.
I may need to send it more directly into the Intake manifold.
I just took the truck out of storage and doing some work on it and will refine the HHO system and post updates as time goes by.
If anyone has any experience with HHO systems in Diesels and my 84 Ford Diesel in particular and could advise me where to input the HHO gas into the motor it would be appreciated.
By the way Mercedes already is using a UREA based system in at least one of their SUV models. It is mounted in the back behind an easy to reach panel. It has a canister/bottle filled with the Urea based liquid. It is somehow pumped into the Intake system.Thanks
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