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Old 08-11-2014, 07:05 PM   #61
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Re: 94 Nissan Pickup Won't Start


My '94, VG30E would only start intermittently when the motor was hot. Also, it didn't want to start if the outside daytime temperature was hot (with a hot or cold motor). I checked the fender-mounted relay first (had caused this problem once before) and fuses, then checked that the motor-to-chassis ground straps existed. When I cleaned the battery cables (both ends of both), one of the nuts on the starter "stripped" (bolt was loose inside the starter and just spun) so I replaced the starter with a new Bosch one. The problem still existed so I had the OEM starter bench tested. It showed a bad solenoid. So then I removed the neutral safety switch and it tested OK. I got in the steering column and found that the ignition switch was bad. Easy and cheap replacement. Problem solved.

So to summarize, when the motor was hot the solenoid would act up. When the air temperature in the cabin was really hot, the ignition switch would act up. TWO problems at one time. I sure hope this helps someone!
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Smile Re: 94 Nissan Pickup Won't Start

People are assigning names to components I've never even heard of! It's called a Neutral Safety Switch people! The switch will not let the vehicle start unless it is in Park or Neutral! On manual transmission models, it is called the Clutch safety switch or Clutch interlock switch or whatever! on many models the switch is located on the transmission where the shift linkage/cable goes to the shift arm on the transmission! some of the switches can be aligned with a drill bit! get a Chilton's or Haynes repair manual or find the procedure online. In the Park position a drill bit can be inserted in a hole in the switch, which aligns the switches electric contacts to connect only when the gears are disengaged in Park or Neutral position! The switch is usually attached with 2 bolts, 1 pivot, 1 adjuster! If this switch is good but slightly out of adjustment they can cause an intermittent starting problem! Engine vibration over time can sometimes cause any bolted on accessory to loosen, and
these switches loosen sometimes! I've adjusted many after finding them loose and cars will start right up! I've also replaced many of them and solved the starting problem! It is an electrical switch and they do burn out with time like any other electrical component! People have broken the bank replacing starters, batteries, alternators, relays, solenoids, the list goes on, and then called me to actually fix the problem! And it can quite often be an overlooked component in the starting circuit. #1 get a vehicle specific Repair Manual for Your vehicle! Read the section on the starting circuit and understand the many components in it. Models vary! it may be a highly worn switch on the steering column under the dash that is actuated by a rod pushed by your key cylinder! Looking online is a stab in the dark, everybody has an idea of what they "THINK" it is, and that gets expensive fast! If you do it yourself get a Manual and test, test, test!

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Re: 94 Nissan Pickup Won't Start

I bought my grandson a 94 Nissan p/u for his first vehicle. We've had the same problem with the truck not starting. While we were waiting on him to get his license, the truck was parked and a pack rat got into it and chewed some wires. We took it to a mechanic and he put some fuses in the wires that are attached to the battery cables. At times, the right fuse blows and once replaced it starts. We've taken the battery out and had it checked and it's fine. But when we put the battery back in--loosing tightening the cables and it starts right up. You can jump the battery and it starts right up, but won't run long. The p/u acts like the battery is dead.

Any ideas??

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Old 01-22-2018, 08:31 AM   #64
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Re: 94 Nissan Pickup Won't Start

Finally fixed the problem with my 1992 not starting. I went through all relay replacements and such discussed in the forum. Ended up the ground, although connected properly to the starter wasn't doing the job. I ran a new ground from the battery and connected it to the bolt on the starter that has the original ground. I've been fighting this for +15 years and it starts strong every time.
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Re: 94 Nissan Pickup Won't Start

To test the starter setup: take it out of gear, turn on the key, & connect a jumper on the small wire of the starter solenoid. touch the other end to the + battery post.

1. If the starter doesn't click (using the jumper) the starter solenoid is probably bad or the hot (& heavy) wire is loose.

2. If it does click, it's the starter. Be sure you have good connections, use an alligator clip if you can.

3. If it turns over & starts, the problem is in one of a variety of relays, clutch safety switch (manual trans), or the transmission safety switch (automatic trans). ALL of them can be bypassed with a starter button wired just like the jumper. Use size 12 or 14 wire to be safe since you'll probably want to put the button where the driver can reach it and long thin wires can heat up.

4: If you're a citizen and actually need all the safeguards that Nissans lawyers advised them to put in for liability reasons : Good luck, get a thick manual & knock yourself out.
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