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JDM Motor & Parts info/chat Discussions on Mugen, Spoon etc. Plus, info on motor swaps (b18 's, b16's h22's etc) and other JDM info!
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1993 Honda Civic Hatchback Problems

Hello everyone,

Ok so I have a 1993 Honda Civic hatchback as it says but it doesnt have the original engine and engine was put in before i bought it!

The Motor that is in there has numbers on it on the far left hand side that read:
13 11 739

over towards the actual cylinders to the right about center the block is stamped with:


and the circles next to that read:
(9/4)( /4)(1/4)(1/0)

What do these codes mean?

I have read some of these threads but they have not explained all of what i found and only a little at that and im not sure what they all mean......

Two days ago the car stopped running at a red light just completely turned off! I have replaced the fuel pump and while i was at it bypassed that sensor and wired a kill switch from the battery to the fuel pump(because fuel pump wasnt getting power), The battery is two days old as well and also took it down to Autozone and had it charged just for measure! New spark plugs and wires! Brand new rotor! CANNOT FIND A CAP......

Soooo.... Here is my issue I cannot get this car to start! It cranks but will not turn over! I know i need to replace the CAP because it has two cracks in it and when the car wouldnt turn on it turned on the battery light on dash and i have had my starter tested battery is new lights all work everything but its still not starting!

I cannot find a cap that fits! Ive gone to autozone and i always get the one for the 1993 Civic but im wondering if i have to get the one for whatever that engine is? and how do i figure the starting issue out?
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Re: 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback Problems

The engine is a B18C1, from a '94 Acura Integra. Specifically, it's from the GS-R trim Integra. It's a VTEC engine, if they happen to ask you.

The B18C1 is the main engine code. Besides the year of the engine (sometime it matters sometimes it doesn't) the engine code is all you should need.

The "13 11 739" is likely a simple identification number from Honda. Either telling them when & where it was made, and/or what specific car it was put into. Not something an average person would ever be able to decipher.

The P72-2 is the heads casting number, showing that it's different from other Honda B-series engine head castings (i.e. B16A2, B18B1, B18C5, etc).

The (9/4) shows the year of the engine, so it's from a '94 Integra.

Similar to the random numbers directly below the engine code, the "( /4)(1/4)(1/0)" is just Honda's way of noting where & when the engine casting was made. Not anything that's important.

But if your fuel pump isn't getting power, it could very well be the Main Relay has gone bad. It's a fairly common problem. The solder points on the circuit board inside eventually crack, and lose connection. It's located on the driver's side under the dash, on the left side wall. It's just held on by a 10mm bolt. Here's how to test it:

If that tests out ok, here's how to test the wires that connect to it:
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