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Propane to gas conversion - Warning

If you want to convert a gas car/truck into propane using a kit solds on Internet, be very careful full with that. Most of these Internet kits are not made with good quality material, and can be very dangerous for you and for your vehicle.

It can catches fire and explodes. Because the propane tank is under very high pressure. If it's not perfectly sealed, it can easily leak, make a whistling sound, ignite with the air friction and catches fire.

Unless the hoses that you use are solid, made for high pressure, and sealed perfectly with high pressure seal (not normal seal) you should not made the conversion.

Furthermore, you should use a low pressure propane valve regulator to maintain the optimal propane pressure before the carburetor. Also, use a carburetor between air filter and throttle body connected to the propane fuel line. It should be a screw to adjust air/fuel mixture. If not, car will run too rich or too lean, you may damage engine and waste more energy.

Also, you should add an electric valve that block the propane in the intake when engine is turned off.

Also, you shouldn't have vacuum leak in your engine if you want to do that. If not, it can catches fire.

Also, you should adjust the spark timing advance so that engine don't ping or knock. You must decrease timing advance. With a modern car, there's no way to do that mechanically. So you must re-program the PCM with a PCM programmer like this one: or other.

And you should also change spark plug to have the appropriate heat range. You may to use a hotter plug. But only if the air/fuel mixture is correct.
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