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3. If you are new to Del Sols, PLEASE scan the forum/read the above FAQ. A lot of your questions can be answered simply by being a wallflower and reading more than posting.

4. DON'T be too sensitive... If someone calls you a loser because you don't know the difference between a B16 and a D16, it's not the end of the world. I mean. People are sarcastic, people are sometimes even cynical. If someone says something that offends you, PM them, tell them. If they PM you back something rude, forward it to me and I'll deal with it.

5. The other side of number 3 is try to refrain from being mean. Please. I know it's difficult when you're sitting there going to someone who just asked what the difference between a D16 and a B16 is, but we try to be a friendly forum. Let's keep it like that, mmmkay?

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I'm not gonna resurrect the del sol classified forum, cause it just WASN'T happening, and was more of a headache to me to keep moving threads around.. , so here's the deal with stuff for sale. Post up your for sale stuff. After I see it, it has 24 hours as an active thread. This gives people a chance to post up questions, etc. After ~24 hours, I will lock the thread. If someone still has questions, they can PM you. DO NOT re-list an item that you haven't sold without PMing me and asking if it's ok. I know, this seems a little power-trippy on my part, but nothing annoys me more than seeing the same item for sale 4 times in 3 weeks.. no one wants it, FACE IT!

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8. Be prepared to back up claims. If you claim you are making 367whp, better have a dyno slip ready to go, because I can almost guarantee you that within 3 posts, you will have someone asking for it. Timeslips, dyno sheets, pictures, whatever. Not calling you a liar, just makes your claim more credible. Besides. We like peektures!

9. NO STREET RACING STORIES IN THE SOL FORUM. Don't ask if your car could take another car on the street, don't say that your friend is talking crap... NONE OF IT. Street racing is stupid and only hurts people. I don't tolerate it. You wanna talk street racing, go to another forum.

10.Posting of inappropriate material such as porn will result in immediate termination regardless of how long the member has been here.

I guess that's it. OOH! WAIT! FORGOT!!!

11. Welcome to AF, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about del Sols. Whether it be about performance, maintenance or aesthetic improvement. Will we tell you what body kit is the best? NO. Will you come out knowing more than when you started? Hopefully. We as a group strive to provide the most accurate up to date information we can provide. As it goes, you know the saying about opinions. Your taste is ultimately what matters in the modification of your car. If you want a fast car or a show car, make your own decision. We are not here to be mommy and daddy for you. Make use of the search feature of the board. You will be shocked to find out that you are not the first to ever ask a question. If you don’t like someone’s answer to your question keep it to yourself, don’t start a flame war. The moderators always win those (they have a banning button).

This is an internet web forum. Everyone is here due to choice, if you don’t like it don’t log on. It is that easy. If you don’t like someone, you can put them on your ignore list. No one cares who is being mean to you.

On to the excitement!

Before you work on your car (by Manny).

Manuals are made and provided with products for a reason. Yes sometimes the instructions are vague. This is where your automotive knowledge kicks in so you can figure it out. Some people know more about mechanics whereas others' expertise is electrical.

Here are a few things you can do to increase your general autmotive knowledge:

1. Read the owners's manual front to back at least twice. If you don't have one, borrow one, or buy one from You will learn about your car, maintenance schedules, fluid capicities, and more.

2. I highly recommend having at LEAST a Haynes manual for 92-95 Civic & delSol. They're $9 at Discount Auto Parts last time I checked. Read through it front to back at least twice as well. I like the Haynes because they go through the steps so that the basic home mechanic can understand. Also, they provide good information about how major systems of the car work. It also has wiring diagrams for the Civic and delSol. Again, maintenance schedules, fluid capacities, torque specifications, troubleshooting guide, ECM codes. After that you should get a Factory Service Manual. That has partnumbers and everything!

3. Go to the automotive section of and go through basically every article in the "under the hood" section. Key ones are:
-An engine camshaft
-How Anti-Lock Brakes work
-How automatic trannies work
-How automotive ignition systems work
-How brakes work
-How camshafts work
-How car computers work
-How car engines work
-How clutches work
-How differentials work
-How disc brakes work
-How drum brakes work
-How fuel injection systems work
-How gears work
-How horsepower works
-How manual trannies work
-How power brakes work
-How wire, fuses, and connectors work
-Inline Four-Cylinder Engine
After those you can branch out to the other secctions in Auto stuff.

4. Subscribe to Sport Compact Car. In my opinion, this magazine has helped me learn sooo much. The technobable column and how-to's especially. I REALLY need to make a database of all my issues so that I can reference specific articles.

5. Some websites that you can check out to learn more about Honda's are:
Honda Life *Articles are great (we need more!!)
Honda Performance *Hybrid especially
The Temple of VTEC

6. Some Honda books you should get:
Honda & Acura Performance Handbook
Honda/Acura Performance
High Peformance Honda Builder's Handbook vol 1 & 2
Civic Duty
Honda Dream
Honda Civic Guide
*These are available through your bookstore or here:

So, hit the books and happy learning.

I want to clean my engine, but its hot and dirty. What can I use?

This is the easiest thing EVER to do. You just need a few items: Simple Green (regular or automotive) Full Strength (do not dilute). A garden hose + water. Rag and a stiff brush (small and large) Here's the deal:

1) Warm up the car, let it sit for about 5 minutes or until the fan kicks on. Turn it off.Disconnect the battery Just so the grease can warm up a bit.
2) Cover your distributor and battery with a plastic bag and hold that secure with a rubber band. (this as a precaution to keep water off the electric components, some people skip this. Skip at your own risk)
3) Give the engine bay, hood, wherever a light spraying with water.
4) Spray, douse, cover whatever you want to call it the engine bay in a liberal coating of Simple Green. Let it sit for a few minutes. Begin wiping with a wet rag, scrub sort of good. Until you're happy; applying simple green as needed for the stubborn stuff. Scrub scrub away. Use the small and large brushes for hard to reach places.
5) Clean everything you can see. If its got dirt wipe it, brush it spray it until you see paint.
6) Ok you're done. Are you sufficiently happy that its clean? Good. Remove the plastic bags. Now close the hood and start the car, once again, let it run. Let it get warm. Leave it running, let it dry. Yes you will see steam coming out from underneath. Don't sweat it. Its Ok.
7) Wipe off the battery and distributor with the wet rag. Just get it clean. Now detail the engine. An engine dresser will work great. You can even find a belt dresser at an auto parts store.
8)Tada you're done. WOW look at it bling. Your hard work has paid off. Now, keep it clean.

Now that the physical motor is clean, how about the internal parts

There is one great and wonderful product out there. Sea Foam; a marine engine cleaner. Here is all you need to know

Sea Foam site:
How-to Use it:

I dont want an exhaust that sounds like a fart cannon, which one should I get?

Get one made for the del Sol, or 92-95 EG6 HB (some work needed to fit) and go here
for some sounds of exhausts. Remember, if doing a custom exhaust, use a resonator along with the muffler. Resonators help deepen the tone. It does make a difference

My engine makes a noise, what could it be?

What kind of noise? What are you doing when it begins and what makes it stop? Be specific, vague questions like that make for a fun time. Engines can in cars makes noise from the time you start it until you shut it off. Be specific. What is the noise. Different noises can be different things. There are many components in an engine.

What sparks plugs can I use and what is a heat range?

NGK are the best plugs for your Honda period. They're OEM do you really think Honda doesn't know what it's doing? Here is a quick info shot on spark plugs:

For your S model:
ZFR5F-11 OEM normal heat range
ZFR6F-11 OEM one range cooler

For your Si:
ZFR5J-11 OEM Normal heat range
ZFR6J-11 OEM one range cooler

For your VTEC:
PFR6L-13 OEM Normal heat range
PFR7L-13 OEM One range cooler

What is the firing order for a honda d or b series motor and what is the sequence for the distributor?

Where can I buy a shop manual for my car?

Get a Helms manual. Sure they're expensive but who do you think Honda gets them from?

Call (800) 782-4356, visit , or email
Cost $62 For Shop Manual
$39- $44 for Electrical Troubleshooting Manual ( ETM )
$22- $27 For Owners Manual
$37 for body repair manual

How do I make my car fast?

Search!!! There are many different ways to built a motor. How fast do you want to go? How much money are you willing to spend? Are you looking for a certain amount of power? Once again, help us help you. As Microsoft said “Where do you want to go today?”

Why don’t I have any torque

Welcome to owning a Honda. The saying is true, well sort of. There is NO replacement for displacement. That is more than true when it comes to torque. However, a blower/turbo can quickly remedy that. Our Forced Induction forum will have a lot of good info on Turboing a Honda. If you want to know more, see the above question.

My engine idles erratically, what can I do?

Glad you asked, mainly because someone else did the typing for me. Id like to thanks Adam a.k.a. pills. Here is Adam's article: . Like I said earlier you can find a lot just SEARCHING. And once again, Hondaswap to the rescue.

I can’t find del Sol parts online. Help ME.

That is a problem we have run into time and time again. The del Sol gets no respect from companies. As a general rule: If it will fit a 92-95 model EG Civic or a 94-01 model DC Integra (minus Type R); it will fit the motor/chassis of the del Sol. Be sure to match engines when looking for engine parts. If you’re not sure, ASK. It doesn’t hurt.

What are the specifications of the del Sol? What changed thru-out its production run?

This is just way to much information to try and retype again and again. Linked from TSI

What engine do I have?

A four cylinder...U.S. Models only. Please ask for foreign models

Model/Year Engine
93-95 S D15B7 - 1.5L SOHC 16-valve
93-95 Si D16Z6 - 1.6L SOHC 16-valve VTEC
94-95 VTEC B16A3 - 1.6L DOHC 16-valve VTEC
96-97 S D16Y7 - 1.6L SOHC 16-valve
96-97 Si D16Y8 - 1.6L SOHC 16-valve VTEC
96-97 VTEC B16A2 - 1.6 DOHC 16-valve VTEC

Where can I find general information on my engine, transmission, throttle body and other items? its called search and learn. No really. For a great site with a ton of resources visit you can find out information on your engine specs, gear ratios and other exciting things.

What size wheels fit my car?

First off know your STOCK size for upgrading.

S: 175/70/13
SI: 185/60/14
VTEC: 195/60/14

You lug pattern is the Honda standard 4 x 100.

What size tires can I fit on my new wheels and know how fast I am really traveling?

Well the Miata guys gave us something for once besides a hard time. Take into account that this is for fresh tires. Tread wear will throw off the value. As always its best to drive at a reasonable speed with traffic in mind.

For the lazy kids who don't know how to search or use


NOTE: All actual speeds based on a speedo reading of 60 MPH on STOCK wheels/tires. IE, when the speedo reads 60 on the new wheels/tires you'll be going the listed 'actual speed' below.


13" wheels: 175/70-13
14" wheels: 185/60-14


15" wheels:
195/50-15: .13% larger, actual speed is 60.08
205/50-15: 1.83% larger, actual speed is 61.10

16" wheels:
205/45-16: 1.83% larger, actual speed is 61.58
205/40-16: .86% smaller, actual speed is 59.48

17" wheels:
205/40-17: 3.44% larger, actual speed is 62.06
205/35-17: .01% smaller, actual speed is 59.99

18" wheels:
215/35-18: 5.32% larger, actual speed is 63.19
215/30-18: 1.85% larger, actual speed is 61.11

And finally... Other tire sizes are possible, but not recommended. I take no responsibility for the stupidity of others.

I want to put some gauges in my car. Where can I mount them?

Anywhere you want really. All it takes is a little work and some ingenuity. You can put them on pillar, custom cut holes in the dash to install them, or more. Without ingenuity though, you do have a few options. had some custom 3-guage A-pillar replacement pods made. They’re great quality and OEM color/texture. But if you don’t want one of those, you can use the dual pod for a 92-95 civic. There are also single pods...or you can custom mold single pods to the pillar, custom old pods to the dash...imagination is your limit.

Why do my visors SUCK?

Only Honda knows for sure why they decided to give Del Sols the worst design ever for sun visors. Maybe they think because generally we’re taller than Japanese persons we would sit higher? I don’t know but it does suck. What can you do to fix it? Buy sunglasses? Put a six inch strip of limo tint on the top? Yes you can do all of those. But Honda did make normal sized visors for the EDM and JDM markets, so swapping visors (if you can find JDM or EDM ones) may help remedy this).

Ok you just said EDM and JDM, what does that mean?

EDM means European Domestic Market and JDM means Japanese Domestic Market. USDM means United States Domestic Market. It basically tells you where the manufacturer intended for the car to go. Its obvious, if you don’t understand where they were meant to go don’t ask, please!

So what different things happened with the EDM and JDM del Sols that we were ripped off with?

Wow the list is quite large. Some of the major things:

JDM: one-piece headlights. Door handle map lights. H4 beam Auxillary lights. Transtop (semi-automated targa storage in the trunk). Visors of course. License plate fillers. RHD. Automatic climate control system. Headlight washers.

EDM: Two piece headlights (glass) EDM Aero Kit (lip, sides, rear…btw its discontinued) H4 glass Aux lights. Rear mist light. Visors again. Heated seats. Headlight washers. Map lights. Adjustable headlights (up and down)And the 98 Special Edition Motegi and Daytona model del Sols.

So now that you mentioned all this stuff that the US versions did not come with, where can I find it? Who should I contact for it?

You can simply point your browser to and shop there, .Wyatt a.k.a. onyxreddragon runs that site. He's a good guy and I'll vouch for him.

Where can I find pictures of different del Sols? I don’t know what I want to do.

The TSI member database/gallery, or, it's as simple as going to google/yahoo, selecting "images", and typing "del Sol"

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a glass roof you could see thru?

Similar to what a T-top car has...

Yes, but someone has already thought of that idea. Ameripol offers a clear acrylic cover that replaces the metal in your roof. Its tinted either blue or bronze. Near impossible to see from the outside. For information regarding the Ameripol roof contact or .
You can also get a “sun roof kit” from JC Whitney. But that’s just WEIRD IMO. A targa with a sunroof? That’s like putting a window on a screened in porch.

I hear water/sloshing noises when I turn, what can I do?

Turn your car into a shammy cloth? No thats not it, here is a detailed fix for that Or you can do as one Soler said (he's a brit, watch out) Just take off your side skirts and near the rear fender is a plug. Just knock it out. One on each sides, but thats a british thing and I won't go there.

All my stuff in the trunk is wet, did I leave the Targa Trunk off in a Thunderstorm?

Nope. Once again, pure Honda genius. I wonder how much they have made on this. It never became a recall. Here is a fix for it

What spoiler lip will fit on my car?

Unless you can come across and EDM OEM lip none will fit perfectly. The 92-95 Ex/Si coupe/hatch lip bolt on with a little work. The OEM Si lip from EK's bolt up with a little work. Aftermarket lips bolt up with sometimes major work. Someone here installed a Tsunami lip and cut about an inch out of the center of it to make it fit right, but it looks great. Just remember anything can be made to work with right know-how or money.

Del Sol facts and figures

Years Made
The del Sol was built from 1993-1997 in the United States, in Japan it was known as the CRX del Sol, and it was built from 1992-1998, in Europe it was known as the Civic CRX del Sol.

The US the models are: S, Si, and VTEC being the top of the line model.

The Japanese models are: VXi, VGi, and SiR being the top of the line model.

In Europe they made the ESi, and VTi being the top of the line model.

Number of Sols that were sold in the U.S. from 1993-1997
US Honda del Sol production numbers
1993 25,748
1994 21,075
1995 14,021
1996 8,489
1997 5,603
Total 74,936

• Cypress Green • G82P
• Captiva Blue Pearl • B62P
• Milano Red • R81
• Granada Black • NH503P
• Flint Black • NH526M
• Frost White • NH538
• Isle Green • G71P
• Paradise Blue/Green • BG33P
• Samba Green • GY15P
• Vogue Silver • NH550M
• New Vogue Silver • NH583M
• Lousanne Green • G71P

A lot of how-to's can be found at

Originally posted in the Team Sol forum at

************What is Team Sol International**************

Team Sol Intl. began in October 1999. It was created by Sol enthusiasts for Sol enthusiasts. The idea was to bring some fun and excitement into the Honda del Sol scene. We wanted to create a website that offered something for everyone. Pictures, How-to’s, Tech Articles, a new Featured Sol every month and links to other import sites.
In the first year, we grew from about a dozen to hundreds members worldwide. We currently have members from the USA, Canada, Europe, Germany, Malta, Australia, Japan, Bahrain and many other places over the globe. We have members who just got their drivers license to people that have retired.

How do I become a member?

Membership is free and easy. Just sign up online @ and be sure to check out the Chapters section to find a local or close chapter of fellow enthusiasts.

While membership is always going to be free, we do gladly accept donations to help cover our website expenses. Maintaining this website is not free for us, but our first year was paid for by member donations. Those who contributed know who they are and their generosity was greatly appreciated.

Are special prices available for members?

Sure, there are many members who own shops or are dealers. Ask around, you will be pointed in the right direction and you wont be disappointed in pricing.

Where can I get Team Sol merchandise?

Visit the Team Sol store from the main page on for great high quality TSI merchandise from a few of our members. From stickers to T-shirts to body kits. There is something for everyone’s taste.

It's just that easy folks... mind the forum guidelines and we're cool.
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Holy ton of FAQ's Batman!! Good job. and i will be here a bit to make sure these rules are followed
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