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Do not read this message - it may cause enlightenment.

Many folk ask questions here about their treasured Geo Metro.

But without specifics, how can one can give them any help ?

The person posting will have to wait and wait for someone to take the time to ask
all the "Time Honored Questions".

So - please...when asking a question for the first time, please give as much information
about your vehicle as you can - right up front !

engine mileage
work done - recent and in the past.
Have you done a compression test on the engine ? Extremely Important !
Have you checked the TIMING ?
Are your ignition wires old or new ?
What are the symptoms - missing, no power (when?), won't start, electrical ?, noises heard (be very specific), leaks...

Whatever you can think saves a lot of wasted time !

Often a picture can help those here to help you. See the post on placing pictures here in a thread.

You might even get your answer quickly !

Try doing a "Search".....

By either Keyword and/or User Name

Most important --- be sure to highlight GEO METRO in "Search in Forum(s)" on the right side!

To do that, click on "AF in General" in the box...then press the letter G key repeatedly
until the word "GEO" can even drop down to "Metro".

Then click on the "Search Now" button.

Otherwise it searches all of the world's forums and you get a useless bunch of stuff to wade thru.

click this to start a search right now ----> Do a search right now !

Good luck and by the way...

PLEASE use a Spell Checker - the spelling is becoming atrocious!


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