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How to Post Photographs on the Forum

First of all - this Thread is closed - no one can post to it.
I am trying to keep it simple - I hope!

Please excuse my clumsy writing style...

The methodology below works well. You need to 'join' a web photo 'hosting site'
to do what is outlined below.

Take a DIGITAL picture - Remember - with a Digital Camera you can take many
- with Flash / without Flash - different distances - choose the BEST focused and exposed Picture to work with.

If you are photographing parts or components, then place them on a dark background paper or material !

This helps the automatic light meter in the camera to expose the subject item and not underexpose it due to a bright background.

Crop the photo so the subject is largest and best exposed and in focus - Focus is VERY important!

If you have regular print photos (FILM) you can scan a real photograph and save
it as a jpg file somewhere on your Hard Drive.

Remember where you saved it to....if you do a lot of posting, you should set up
some sort of system of files (so you may keep track of them!)

Try to convert the photo to 72 dots per inch and 6 to7 inches high using some graphics program -
Go ahead and edit the photo with arrows, explanations, a date, your "Handle", captions,
WHATEVER you want into the picture, then save that file (remember the name you used).

Here is an example of some graphics editing I did and posted here a while ago:

This particular picture is 8 inches wide by 6 inches high and is 72 pixels/inch
done with PhotoShop LE and saved as a jpg file before uploading to Imageshack.

Again - you may use any other web photo hosting site you choose....

If a picture file is too large, it sort of blows the Forum page up too big and makes it
difficult for folks to page thru the Forum.

Then go to
whatever web photo hosting site you want and join it.

Usually that only requires a valid E-Mail address. I use my Hotmail address. Many are FREE.

Once you are a member, you can 'upload' any number of images to that site.

You will need to learn how to use the web hosting site's many types of "links".

I will use Image Shack, in this explanation, as an example.

Once you "upload" the image(s), you are given several "Links" which you can copy and
paste into this or any other Forum.

When you click on UPLOAD in Imageshack, be sure to check the box labeled
"Remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail" - it should have a check in the box.

That stops it from putting image size numbers under your posted photos.
You don't want that !

Here is how you use them:

Click on the little tiny "i" in the photo, in Image Shack, that you want to put into a Forum or E-Mail.

A new window opens up.

Use the IMG links right at the top of the window that opens when you click on "i" in the
small windows with your photos. The one labeled "forums". See the picture above.

Be sure the "Full Size" box is not checked!

Highlight the IMG (Forums) line and press Ctrl-C.
That copies the line to your computer's memory, otherwise known as the "Clipboard."

They are the [img][img] type of links. Here is what one looks like:
I removed the brackets which makes it work here....

Then go to "Post Reply" here on this Forum and write your message.

Within that text you wrote PASTE the img link from that you copied.
Put the cursor where you want and press ctrl-V to paste the link into your text.

Finish with as many photo links as you want, then save the changes or post.

Then when your post comes up, the Forum gets the image from and
plops it into the post.

Try it...if you messed up, simply try again and use the EDIT function on this Forum until
you get it to work correctly.

Then - write down how you did it !

That helps me at least, because I have a mind like a sieve...I forget quickly and writing it
down keeps me from "rediscovering the wheel" each time I want to use something...

For E-Mails - paste the http: link into your messages and then the person receiving just clicks the
link and the image shows up on their browser.

If you want to post an image here that you NEED BE LARGE, then post the http: link and tell
folks to click on the link. Then the big image can load as a separate page all by itself.
The person can then scroll thru the big image and see what they want.

There are some web photo hosting sites that give you a link which will appear here as a THUMBNAIL.
If someone clicks on the thumbnail, the photo opens in another Browser Window.

This way, you can send images anywhere w/o having to attach them each time and your message are not hideously large slowing down the transit time. and Photobucket give you Images, links, thumbnails, etc that you can use ANYWHERE !

Some Forums use different formats - you need to find out what format to use for
each different Forum. E-Mail can't use the IMG format - they use the http format.

There are quite a lot of these FREE image and file "Hosting" sites on the Internet.
They have Terabyte Hard Drives for storing extremely large amounts of data.

You can store Pictures, Video Files (DVD, AVI, MPG, etc), Audio files, Data name it.
Most are free, some require payment....
Corporations do this as a "service" - why?! ...Only God Knows!

The sites are set up to allow 'open' or 'private' file this feature.

Remember - there are COPYRIGHT don't post business's pictures and claim them as
your own. Maybe cite where you got the image to keep the Lawyers at bay.

You can save images from here (or any other web site) by right clicking on the image and
use "Save as..." in Windows.

ALSO - Here are some other web photo hosting sites you might try.... a good one

Some I found by Googling: Site - $7/month) Site)

The list seems endless.

Some of these may be defunct at some future date....(???)

Remember - If it is free, you get what you pay for.


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