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Cars/Parts for Sale/Exchange Sell your car and parts or post what you are looking for.
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NO BUMPING, and other rules of this forum

Whtteg set some good ground rules for the classifieds section. They are as follows with a couple additions by me:

1. This forum is for private sellers and buyers of cars and parts. This mean that businesses and dealers are not allowed to post parts or cars for sale in this forum. If you are a dealer or business looking to advertise here on Automotive Forums then contact any moderator or CLICK HERE to send a PM to Twospirits.
2. Please do not BUMP your threads, this causes a chain reaction and will just become a revolving mess. If you still have the part for sale or are still looking for your part, feel free to alter the deal to make it sweeter. Add a reply that says "lowered price" or "now its OBO." Feel free to update things that have been sold, but don't just put "bump" or "ttt". Its a sure-fire recipe for getting your ad closed or deleted.
3. If you are looking to buy something please put WTB: in the thread title. If you are selling something put FS: in the title.
4. Expanding on 3 a little it might be a good idea to put the location of your car and/or parts for sale in the title. This will help members to know if they need to consider shipping as part of the cost, or they might not be willing to drive to another country to buy a car/parts etc.
5. Please put all applicable information, including PRICE! This is not a "fishing for sucker offers" forum, its a FS/WTB forum.
6. Only one ad at a time for a specific part. I don't mind if you list every part as a separate ad, but you can't have the same part advertised twice... at least not in rapid succession.

The spirit here is to get your stuff sold or bought. If you post a shifter knob for $1500 and it doesn't sell, continually bumping it won't make it any more attractive. Lower your price to $1490 in a reply, or mention that you'll throw in a free meatloaf for the first ten callers, but don't just bump. I'll have to slap you with a noodle.... and when I break out the noodle, its never pretty.
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