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2007 Uplander doors will not lock.....please help

Okay so I have search all the other threads on doors wonít lock, unlock, or a combination thereof, but I donít see anything like my situation. The other day my husband and I took the car to the shop when we got there he tried to lock it. The dash read ďdelayed lockĒ. But it never locked. It was after we got it back that I had the chance to drive it. The doors do not lock automatically when driving, do not lock with key fob because itís currently got a dead battery in it (which we figured out today) and does not lock using the lock switch on the door. We can hear a click for the unlock, the lock side of the switch is quiet.

The check engine soon light is constantly on and the codes are evidently not giving any information because the mechanic thinks itís The catalytic converter but is not entirely sure.

One other post which was similar in some ways but not exact said it could be the BCM has gone out.

I donít know much about cars but try my best... I seriously had to look up what a BCM was cause Iíve never heard of it.

Now on top of all that going on itís making a noise on a hard right turn and my husband swears the steering wheel has randomly locked into place (like it lost power steering) twice. Both times was starting up from a complete stop. Once going forward and once going backward. Neither the mechanic nor myself have been able to replicate the steering wheel issue.

Now for my questions:
Could the steering issue and the locks not working be related?
What would you recommend we look at?

Any help would be greatly appreciated....
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Re: 2007 Uplander doors will not lock.....please help

Hi I'm not a mechanic but I would probably check the fuses and relays first. There is a fuse box on the passenger side and under the hood. I would search the forums/google find out what fuses and/or relays control the power locks and rule out a bad fuse or relay. If you do find out there is a relay under the hood that controls the power locks you can swap with another in the fuse box that is the same type and rating.

Other than that I would say it's the BCM at fault. A trip to the local junk yard should suffice. Although I believe you will have to goto the dealer to reprogram the new BCM.

I've owned 3 of these vans from a 1998 Pontiac Transport, a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette and now a 2008 Chevy Uplander all basically the same drive train with slight upgrades over the years, body designs..

My 2002 Silhouette had the strut bearings going out and getting worse by the day, the steering would bind when turning and you have to turn it back to center it would not return on it's own. Replacing the two front struts fixed that problem.

Now on my 2008 Uplander my power steering pump is on the way out and I plan on replacing it and the serpentine belt also later this spring. Every now and then when the van is at low rpm (ie.. idle) and I'm moving through my parking garage I loose the steering momentarily and the belt squeals or when I hit a big puddle driving the belt also squeals. So for about 200 on rockauto parts I can get a Delco OEM replacement pump and belt and borrow the pulley puller from local parts store and a Saturday afternoon should do the trick..

Hope this help's.

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