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Car Comparisons Compare any cars and find out what every body else thinks. Just refrain from making stupid comparos like Viper vs. Geo Metro :)
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Re: Re: 5.0 vs 99 GT 4.6

Originally Posted by MexSiR
5.0 mustangs completely stock are slow, slow as a Kia spectra. Not kidding.

They go in the 9s 0-60 mph.

A friend has a bone stock one, and he get walked by the cheapest car in mexico, a chevrolet chevy, thats what its called, 1.6 liter producing 80 horsepower on a light chassi.
Maybe because:
it's a 4cyl with 5.0 badges
your friend just learned to drive a manual(thats if it's a stick)
The engine and tranny has big time mechanical problems.
or all of the above.

Whatever it is a normal GT does not run 18.5 seconds or slower or even 17.0 or slower at sea level.It's like saying my friend has an 03 cobra and only runs mid 16's and gets beat by a Geo metro at the track everytime.
Doesn't make sense does it.The fact is a stock 03 cobra should beat a stock Geo metro 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% of the time.
Same goes with the Gt and the chevrolet chevy with 80hp.

I just don't want people to spread the word that 5.0 GT's can't do better then 18.5 in the 1/4 or less then 17's at sea level.Right there you should know that if a 5.0 v-8 with 225 hp and 300 ft-lb of torque can't beat a 1.6 v-4 with 80hp then there is something wrong.Common sense should tell you that.
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