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2008 2.4l Mitsu Galant ES won't start

So I went outside to start my car and it won't. It was working fine a day previously, then just stopped working.

The engine is turning over, and the starter is working. I suspected either fuel pump, or car key. I've already replaced the fuel pump and it still won't start. I'm fairly positive the electronics are all in good shape, battery, alternator, etc. This definitely feels immobilizer related. The key I have been using for years is in REALLY bad shape. Literally, I've just been using the key and the circuit chip with no casing to start the car, which has worked out fine so far (the old casing met an unfortunate end at the hands of a sewer drain when I dropped it and my key exploded). I assumed the day it didn't start that the key chip had finally died. In my infite stupidity, I disconnected the battery to "reboot" the system and try again. It didn't work, and because I didn't think it through, I can't get any codes if there were any being thrown. Before all this went down, I had no CEL though, so I don't think there were any codes. So I bought a replacement key. I had AAA out today with a locksmith to try and program a new key to the car. I purchased this key:

I cross referenced the part numbers and everything checks out. But the locksmith's TCODE Pro kept failing to delete keys from my ECU. He selected the option to program a key, which warned it would delete keys from the ECU. He would proceed with programming the key, and the TCODE would report a success. It would ask if he wanted to try another key, and he said no. Then he would check the number of keys programmed, and the TCODE kept reporting 2 keys. Because of this, he believes the ECU is broken. I'm dubious. I honestly think his tool wasn't programmed right for my car. He was selecting Galant CAN, as the only other options he had were Galant 00 and Galant 04. Unfortunately, as I'm not an expert in anti-theft immobilization systems, I don't know. I'd really like to just rip mine out and not have to deal with this crap, but I'm guessing the ECU is programmed against that.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know what I should try next? I'm trying to avoid the pricey tow to a stealership, and the subsequent rape of my wallet that will occur, as I'm broke for the next two weeks. My budget for this is 300 dollars, tops. I'm fairly handy under a hood, and I'm definitely willing to try any sort of troubleshooting I can do with my own two hands.

Thanks for reading the wall of text

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