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Thumbs up Do you have a check Check Engine Light for CATA? - this might solve your issue!

Hey guys, I may have no posts but I am a HUGE DIY guy for my 2005 Mitsubishi Galant. I know Mitsubishi's have problems with check engine lights USUALLY referring with.. P0431 - Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2) and P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) And again, you do not have to agree with me but this is from personal experience. Okay so pretty much I had a check engine light that kept coming on and off every 300-500 miles or so. I diagnosed the engine light which was P0431. And yes no one likes driving around with a bright light flashing at their face at all times. So, a mechanic will ask you to change your O2 sensors, which the galant has 4.. and if that doesn't work you'll have to change your cat, which is a load of $$$$. What I did to solve my issue first of all you need to think to yourself and make options that either your Cat is going bad, your oxygen sensors are bad OR you just have a dirty Cat / Oxygen Sensors. With me I'm a huge believer in high quality additives in the gas tank as it states in the owners manual the Galant require high detergent gasolines. Never fill up at random gas stations or gas stations that aren't on The Top Tier list. Top Tier Gas Station Listings CA, US, MEXICO People may laugh and be like gasoline is gasoline.. which is true BUT its the Additives in the gasoline that each Gasoline distribute puts in their gasoline to make it surpass other gasolines. And I truly do believe the honeycomb mesh in my Cat got clogged due to me using detergents that don't clean your catalytic converter. So what I did was I purchased a product called... Cata Clean. This product cleans your Fuel System, Oxygen Sensors, and most importantly YOUR CAT. What I personally did was I reset the Check Engine Light and I proceeded to put this in my gas tank while I filled up with Regular Gas. **If you use this product for your first fill with regular gas(whatever your car calls for) AFTER you reset your Check Engine Light either by scanner or by removal of battery terminal. Drive home and put a cinder block on the accelerator at 2000-2500 RPMS for 30 minutes afterwards idle for 30 minutes so that the cleaner is working. MAKE SURE you do this in a well-ventilated area. Another thing is if you drive the next day, or week and 1/2 a tank later your check engine light comes back on. Ignore it. Proceed to removing the rest of the tank of the gasoline + cleaner. Then when you're at 1/4 full. Remove one of your battery terminals for 15 minutes. (IF your check engine light came back on, if not just proceed to the next step) Fill up your gas tank with Cata Clean AGAIN. Attach the terminal back. And drive to a TOP tier gasoline station and Fill Up with Premium Gas if your car calls for regular. If your car calls for Premium find a Gas station that provides 93 Octane instead of 91. Next step is to drive on the highway quite hard for about 30 minutes. If your check engine light comes back on within a few days or a few weeks. Then your CAT or Oxygen Sensors are completely in need of changing. But if not your Cat was just gunked up and oxygen sensors just needed a little bit of cleaning which solved your problem. I highly suggest someone on doing this before they decide to give the mechanic a go-ahead to replace the CAT and O2 sensors. Its worth the try and the money and it worked for me. Good Luck!!!
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