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FURYous 66
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Potential new Fury owner... needs advice pleeeease

Hey everyone,

I come from a MOPAR family, as my dad owns a 64 300 convertible and a 62 Dodge pickup. While i haven't had the luxury yet of owning one, that may soon change. I am considering the purchase of a 66 Fury III in New Port Ritchey (a little north of where i live). I was wondering/hoping some of you otherplymouth owners out there could shed some light on these cars, and offer any words of advice for me on them.

I know this one is equipped with 318 and a 727 trans, and a non-suregrip rear, but thats about it. Was the 318 a poly in 66? What rear-end came standard on these cars? Are there any specific things i should look for when i go to give the car a thorough look-over, like any areas that ae prone to rust real bad, or any weak points that should be looked at before purchasing? I am pretty knowledgeable mechanically, and my dad, as a C-body owner for years, should be a big help too, but i jsut want to get as much information in hand as possible before taking a look. Oh, that reminds me, the Fury's were C-bodies in 66, right? Also, can any other similar-year fury owners comment on the aftermarket support for these cars? Like are interior resotoration and trim parts available, or will I be stuck combing junkyards across the country for stuff like that, like my dad has had to do for his 300?

The car in question is in decent shape, as far as a quick 5-min inspection has shown. The asking price is 3500 obo, but its been sitting there for at least a month or 2 so i figure i can talk him down a little. I'm not exactly rolling in the dough right now, the whole starvin college kid thing, but between a fat insurance check from when some lady totalled my parked truck 2 weeks back, and money i ahd been saving up for a motorcycle, i can probably swing the purchase price. But if these cars are known money-holes with loads of problems, or something like that, I'd like to avoid that. I'm hoping Ma' Mopar's reputation for fine engineering holds true for this car as well, cuz i gotta admit, i LOVE the way it looks, and the price is right. Plus, i may have a line on a cheap 413 or a 440, which im sure would be a more peppy than that 318

Anyways, like I said, before i go and take a serious look at this car, I'd like to arm myself with as much information as possible so i can make a good informed decision and make sure i get a fair price for what im buying. So any help at all on the subject would be much appreciated, and thank you in advance. Happy motoring!

-Corey Lynch
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I just joined. Did you buy it? I could probably help.
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