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Old 01-27-2016, 02:14 AM   #1
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Join Date: Jan 2016
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Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts is an Online Consignment Scam

Just lost thousands of dollars. I hope this gets out to anyone who is thinking about buying from this site. is an online auto (also RV's boats...) consignment scam.

It seemed fishy, but when I researched the site I found mostly positive reviews over multiple sites. There was even an article about the company - they all looked legit.

It was only AFTER I gave them my money that I looked more closely into all of the sites and forums where I had found those reviews - only to find that they were all fake.

Also later found the photos of the RV they were "selling" me on a random forum from a few years ago. They found the photos online and used them in their fake ad.

I found the ad on Craigslist. When I replied the seller told me that he was selling the RV through "ARC". (as if I'd be familiar with it). The scammers were good at it - they made the "seller" seem human (using his wife's email, apologizing for a late reply, saying that all of the replies had gone to his spam folder and had accidentally gotten deleted. (I see later that this was to get me to think that I had a chance to get in and buy it, as if that had been a stroke of luck on my part). We went to the site and it seemed legit. All of the sites that the good reviews were on seemed legit at first glance.

They wanted me to wire money. Since everything seemed legit, and the comments and reviews spanned from 2009 to 2015, I fell for it.

Trying to get comments and threads started about them on some forums because when I was thinking about buying there weren't any negative reviews...
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Old 01-27-2016, 11:02 AM   #2
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Re: is an Online Consignment Scam

Have you tried tracking down the scumbag(s) running this scam? It's definitely worth a shot. If you can find someone who knows computers well, they may be able to track down the IP address the site is operating from. If you get real lucky, the operators of this scam may have been dumb enough to use a traceable IP address, in which case you'll be able to hand that information over to the police, possibly get your money back, and most importantly, get whoever is responsible for this thrown in jail where they belong. I'm sure you're not the only one who's been screwed.
If you can't track them down, the least you can do is post a review on every reputable review site you can think of describing your experience in detail like you've done here. That way, other people will be less likely to fall for this scam.
"Ok, systems check; the battery is discharging, the oil temperature is very high, the oil pressure is very low, the engine temperature is off the end of the scale, I'm running out of petrol... but the clock is correct!"
-James May, in an old, worn out Lamborghini purchased for less than 10,000.
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markothemechanics (06-18-2016)
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Re: is an Online Consignment Scam


I had this happen 1/28/16, I feel for you man. Lost $14000
Where are you based out of? I am Ohio

I will say this, file a report with police. Contact your bank and file a report, also CHANGE Your account number, I just did.

I filled a scam complaint with the FTC and my attorney general office. The more of us that report on this, the greater chance of something being done.

Was it TD bank that you sent money to?
Was the account number 4322268495

If so, call the NY bank and bug the shi( out of them. I just did and 'left' a message, we will see if the manager calls me back. I want them to know that they have someone running a scam out of this bank.

Bank # (845) 565-4001

I even had a lawyer I work with look into this website, it came back legit, so dont feel bad.
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