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Cool Re: tire pressure myth?

Originally Posted by gdeland View Post
I work for a major tire manufacturer, there is ALOT of misinformation on this thread. The correct tire pressure is determined by following the VEHICLE manufacturer recommendations, NOT WHAT IS ON THE SIDEWALL OF THE TIRE!. The sidewall lists the MAX air pressure, i.e. what the tire will hold for psi for the MAX Load. The tire does not know what type of vehicle it is going on. ALWAYS look at the door jamb for the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Usually for passenger vehicles this is in the 30-35 psi range.
Dude people like you and I would receive a far more receptive audience in Europe or Asia. This is America - where agreeing with each other is seen as cowardly! It's a waste of breath(and keystrokes).

About the tire pressures: I get it - you get it - let folks like goose and 534bc, as well as the morons from Massachusetts(don't get me started!) struggle for a while.

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Re: tire pressure myth?

Originally Posted by GreyGoose006 View Post
truthfully, i cant even read what is on my doorpanel.
secondly, on every car that i have ever looked at at the dealerships, the recomended pressure on the doorpanel is within 2-3 psi of what the tires say.
have you ever noticed that you never see sidewalls that say inflate to 47.5 psi?
they are usually rounded to whole numbers, and about %75 on the time, rounded to either a 5 or a 0.
owners manuals and door panels too...
you never see an owners manual that says inflate the rear tires to 27 psi and the fronts to 31 psi. this would make sense on say a ford ranger, where you know it wont carry much weight, and if it did, it is not much.
in trucks, the majority of the weight is in the cab, on the front axle, yet the tire pressures are usually the same front and rear.
even on high end sports cars, tire pressures are kept at 5 or 0 intervals for the most part, and are the same front and rear.

You haven't looked at that many stickers. Dodge, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Kia, Chrysler, Chevy, Ford - MOST of the time have various recommended front/rear PSI, not 25/30/35/40/45. Go by the sticker it is what your car is supposed to ride on. The sidewall is set by the individual tire manufacturer for that specific model of tire. They have to know how much load the tire can handle and at what pressure reliably. If you run at or near maximum load run it at maximum pressure its that simple. Most tires have a max load of 1200-1500lbs per tire. If you figure you have 4 tires on your average car that is anywhere from 4800-6000lbs. Figuring most midsize front wheel drive passenger cars weigh about 3400lbs, you would need another 1400lbs or so to hit the maximum load for most tires. Inflating them to maximum pressure on an average car does decrease rolling resistance but also makes the tire contact patch SMALLER which can cause you to lose control easier.
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Re: tire pressure myth?

Let's not resurrect 4- year old threads... especially just to argue further.

Dragging people kicking and screaming into the enlightenment.
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