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Pt crusier 2001 overheating

To start I had to replace the radiator. After that it wouldn't stop over heating. I replaced the thermostat and still over heats. At first white smoke was blowing from tailpipe. Now it hardly does. But read that when putting in new coolant can cause white smoke.

I can completely fill the car with water but as soon as I start driving it, it gets hot and the radiator is bone dry. The water is being blow from the over flow bucket for some reason. I been told it could be a blown head gasket. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Pt crusier 2001 overheating

If it all started after replacing the radiator it could be possible that you have a air bubble in the system. Some vehicles can be a major pain to get all the air out. Make sure that your cooling fan(s) is coming on. If the fan(s) aren't that could be the issue. The cooling system can't displace the heat quickly and can cause the vehicle to overheat. It would be some really bad luck to blow a head gasket from replacing a radiator. There is a special tester that can test for exhaust gases in the cooling system. Other then a mechanic shop I'm not sure where you would have access to this tool. It would be cheaper to use this tool over removing the head to find nothing.
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Re: Pt crusier 2001 overheating

Ok you say it's overheating. There is a bleeder right below the radiator cap just to the right just below the thermostat. Once it is a steady stream. Your done. To start things off right here's how I do it. Pull the lower rad hose to remove all I can. Put it back on and make sure the clamp is as far as you can on the hose. OK. Pull the housing that holds the rad cap off. USE only g05 synthetic coolant. It's a must for the ceramic bearing in the water pump. G05 is zerdex. Might be misspelled sorry if it is but for sure g05. It's not green or gold. It's orange. OK that said. Fill that as much as you can. Remember 50 50 that car takes 1.85 gallons. So thst said. 1 full gallon of g05 coolant. You can buy at most parts stores. Put the rad cap housing back in. Tip use a little rtv to hold the thermostat in place so it doesn't leak. Now add water make sure the whole gallon of coolant is used. Fill it up. Have a 10 mm ready with cap on if it's maxed full once u have filled the system when it's started. Once it is throw the cap on now use a 10 mm with a 3 inch extension so u can access it. Now once it's a steady stream don't sit on it all day. Now ur bled. Now. When the temp goes up soon as the thermostat opens the fans should kick on. If it doesn't. I would invest the money on a fan. Dorman makes one with the relays on it. OK we done with that stage. Now stage 2. Pull the plugs out one at a time. Disconnect the coil pack so it doesn't start. Do a compression test. If they are all around 90 psi or clise to each cylinder. Do what's called a bleed off. Leave it on don't remove for a few minutes. If it stays up at let's say a 3 second crank your ok on the head odds are. If it drops you either have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. The motor can take some overheating. That said. You now have the info how to so be careful and don't do anything when it's hot. Nothing when hot. Hope it helps. I do not take responsibility for your repair. If the cooling fans never turn on. Dorman. Replace if it stabilizes in temp to a point at idle.
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