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Cool Had to replace S430 Side Window & Found A Cheap & Instant Estimate Online

So I own a 2003 S430 which was totally loaded when I bought it. It's not my first Mercedes but it's so far my favorite one.
Litterally 3 days after I buy the car, I am required to travel out of the state and I was going to be gone on my contract for 8 months.
My younger brother was new to the city I live in. He had work ut no car or home yet. So Since I was going to be gone for 8 months, I offered my home to him. I told him take his time finding a home, feel free to use my car etc. My brother is an insurance adjuster for State Farm. So I felt he was trust worthy.
I've extended this same offer when he was in college years ago. Things went fine then, so I figured I could trust him again.

So things are fine, I call him almost everyday and he never mentions any issues.

Well when I get home after 8 months, my car is impounded!!!!
He apologizes, but has no money to help get it out.
I get my car out and I tell you.....
My car looked like an angry girlfriend had attacked it because she found out her boyfriend was cheating!
My brother swears he had nothing to do with the damages, he never even knew about the damages (RIIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!).

I decided not to create an insurance claim and just repair the damages on my own.
The most serious issue I had was the broken window on the front passenger side.
I tried looking online to see what other people have paid for a window replacement and most mentioned upwards of $350!
Well I find this site that set me up with an estimate of $99, made the repair order online and offered me a 25% discount if I went in the same day.
So I do! I got the window repaired for a total $78.89 and they tinted the window to match the others.

I just wanted to share this service to anyone I can!!!
If you need to replace car windows or windshields, at least get an estimate from this site before you commit to anywhere!!!! It's totally worth it!!!

I can say I learned my lesson! I refuse to lend my car or home to anyone ever again! To this day my brother hasn't offered even $0.50 to the damages!!! SMH!

Below is a link and banner to the service I used to find the shop that replaced my window:

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