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Needin Help w/ engine issue

HI, my g/f & I own a 2005 Chrysler 300... We're currently not driving it due to some type of engine issue, of which I have no idea how to go about working on or attempting to fix the issue for a couple reasons, 1- & this is the main reason I haven't started working on it, I haven't the slightest idea what it is that is obviously not functioning correctly, & 2- I'm not a mechanic, I am simply a do-it-yourselfer w/ just a novice understanding of these high tech engines now days. the days of just a tank of gas & a big chunk of metal under the hood that is nothing more than an internal combustion engine.... now I feel like I need a computer programing degree just to open the hood.
Anyways to the issue a few months ago we were out of town in an unfamiliar area for had recently rained for 2 days prior to our trip.... so obviously black top &/or concrete roads were all we planned to be on, out of common sense obviously...but somehow we were headed down a decent black top road & suddenly, w/o ANY signs or warnings the black top ended & we found ourselves flying down a sloppy filthy muddy road at nearly 60mph & incase you cant imagine why we didn't turn back, unfortunately due to the large amount of rain the 2 previous days, after hitting the sloppy sand road at 65mph it was too sloppy & muddy to have any chance of turning around w/o getting stuck. So I did my best to keep this big heavy beast on the road as well as moving forward cuz, living in the plains of KS, after about 1/4mi. I was able to see that there was a stop sign at the end of that mile long sloppy muddy road that was for a blacktop road so I tried like hell to make it but unfortunately with the low front end on that car combined w/ a nasty muddy rutted up road the car ended up stalling not far from the stop sign. well of course it wouldn't start up so we had it towed home... I assumed that the reason it wouldn't start was due to all the mud caked up inside the engine compartment, packed all in the pulleys on the serpentine belt & what not. I figured once getting that all cleaned up like new again it would start right up. but unfortunately this wasn't the case.
So after cleaning it up, & I mean spotless, no dice. the motor will turn over, it even sounds like its getting spark, I'm assuming anyways just cuz ive heard cars that aren't getting any spark being turned over & it doesn't sound like its the motor alone turning over.... so my question is, do any of you have any thoughts or opinions on what it may be & if so what, or how would I go about trying to fix it? oh, I guess I had better mention also, that another reason I'm pretty sure it is getting a spark is cuz w/ in my first 3 or 4 tries it actually did turn over & fire up for 1 MAYBE 2 seconds tops before it died & it hasn't started once since then, even though it turns over just fine & sounds like it should fire up, it just wont ever kick over & start up since then... so any ideas or toughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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