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Old 02-08-2005, 03:53 PM   #16
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Geeze, I, as do most people in the world, know the difference between a camshaft and a crankshaft! My point is that some people, depending on who you talk to, will call the sensor a CAMSHAFT SENSOR, and some people will call the sensor a CRANKSHAFT SENSOR. My point isn't that a camshaft and a crankshaft are the same thing. My point is that when referring to a the SENSOR, you must know the one I'm talking about, the SENSOR is the same thing. I understand that there is a correct term for the sensor, and Saturn probably named it, it's just that the automotive world is imperfect.

Listen, in the competition of knowledge, YOU WIN, HANDS DOWN! I was only trying to add what little I know about a sensor that rarely fails.

BTW, thanks for your input on the sensor. I didn't know they could fit a transistor in that thing.

Also, I still stand by my earlier response. The sensor has an indention on the end of it that fills up with grime that keeps the metal part inside the sensor from doing its job. Cleaning that part out then reinstalling it is a way of fixing the problem, if it is the sensor. Testing the sensor is always the best way of determining the sensor's functionality, but some home mechanics, me included, don't keep sensor testing equipment at home and won't spend the 50-350 bucks to get the equipment when you can just as easily test the car itself.

Car runs fine=problem fixed
Car still runs bad=try something else

And, once again, those wires can become frayed.

I don't know why I'm even spending so much time about this stupid sensor anyway. That sensor hardly ever goes out. I believe when the code trips on the code reader, it is almost always something else. Saturnman had a good response to the post as the likely real problem.

Lastly, I will never trust any ignition modules on GM cars. 2 ignition modules of the 4 GM cars I have owned have gone bad. Actually, one went bad on the same car twice and one went bad on another car. It just might be that I keep my GM cars too long. For example, my Buick, which had the sensor go out twice, I had well over 150k miles. My Saturn, which I suspect is the module thanks to Saturnman, is at 145k miles.
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Old 05-10-2008, 06:10 PM   #17
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Staurn is calling it's crankshaft a camshaft

This thread really helped me with replacing the crankshaft sensor on my car.

First, from what one auto parts store told me, the government made all car manufactureres conform to one set of codes in order to make devices like the OBD work for all vehicles. Shops and manufacturers probably hate this because it helps people find problems with their car instead of having to go to a shop and pay 100s of dollars for simple replacement part fixes. The OBD II for my Saturn said I needed a camshaft sensor and also listed a number of other error codes. I bought a crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensor error code and all the other error codes no longer show up on the OBD II. If the sensor is at the bottom of the engine, it's a crankshaft sensor. If it's near the top of the engine, it's a camshaft sensor.

The crankshaft sensor on a Saturn SL2 1996 is a black plastic covered cylinder shaped device, 3 1/2 inches long by 3/4 " diameter.

It's located above the starter but foward so you can't see it unless you use a mirror, which is what I did. Obviously you'll have to look at your new sensor in order to know what you're looking for when trying to find the old sensor on your car. You'll probably need a flash light to do the job. Don't take the wire connection off the sensor until you have it pulled out of the engine block; it can be difficult to pull the sensor out and the connector helps get a grip on it.

More propaganda. Forget you ever heard "the crankshaft sensor rarely goes bad". That statement is designed to get you to take your car to the shop. The crankshaft sensor is only $15, less than new plug wires. The guy on this page spent a bunch of money on an ignition module and plug wires and wasted time doing all sorts of electrical testing only to find he only needed a $15 crankshaft sensor. If your car has a lot of miles on it (75,000) and you're getting the P0341 code, the crankshaft sensor should be the first part you change - not the last part you change.

No matter what a mechanic or a car manufacturer tells you, always consider the opposite. The crankshaft sensor doesn't last any longer than any other sensor.

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Re: OBD II P0341 Scan Code

I have a 1998 saturn sw2, this morning the service light came on. I drove to autozone. The codes that came up were p0134 and p0341...then I drove for about 6 miles and the service engine soon light went out...any suggestions or direction to take in this regard I appreciate... Thank you
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