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New Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 - How to use driver information center

I found this video on how to use Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 driver information center. Anyone have an experience about this?
here's the link:
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Re: New Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 - How to use driver information center

DIC's or Driver Information Centers, have been used in GM cars for years....

Even the low end cars now have them.....

As the years have gone by, they have become more and more sophisticated.....

The higher end cars, like Cadillacs and Vettes, have they most complicated ones, because they can do a lot more than the lower end models....

here's the problem.....I guarantee, your salesman/salewoman, who sold you the car, can't even explain it to you and show you all the functions.....

As a Tech, I would sit in new vehicles on lunch break, with the owner's manual and go through all the electronics of the car......checking the DIC and it's functions, checking On Star, checking the navigation system, and all the new features in the radio.....

Fact is, no customer generally reads their owner's manual, and are not aware of all the new electronic features of their vehicle.....some cars would give a DVD in the glove box to watch to make the customer aware of the features of their car, but if it doesn't have sex, or special effects, or murders, they get bored watching it......and never see it to the end....

Some electronics are user friendly, some are not, and take time to learn how to go through the various menus....

I remember way back when, guy came in with his wife for an oil change, check engine light and also to replace a battery in one of the remotes on his Park Ave.....

Since I already had the Tech II hooked up, I thought I would set up their DIC to their individual key fobs, by adding their names to the when the husband used his transmitter, Mr. Smith came up on the DIC.....when the wife used hers, Mrs. Smith came up on the DIC.....when he started the car up and saw his name, he was amazed....he asked to see me to see what else the car could of their complaints was, she would always have to adjust the seat and mirrors when she took the car after her husband had driven it.....I told them I could set their seats, mirrors, radio stations, and HVAC to their preferences with the transmitters.....they didn't even know this was possible....Several salesmen did not like me after that....heck they didn't even know it was fact, they didn't even know where the battery was in the car.....

I remember on one occasion where a salesman was trying to find the spare tire on a vehicle, because the customer wanted to see it......he couldn't find it, because it didn't have had an inflater package....

So if anyone hasn't bought a vehicle in say the last 5 years, there have been many upgrades to the electronics in the car, and the only way you will know about it is, if you read the owner's manual.....salesmen just want to sell cars and move on to the next customer......they feel they are wasting their time if they explain everything about the car, and the person doesn't buy it....truth be told, most of them don't even know some of the things exist in the vehicle and doesn't know how to operate them.....ask a saleman to link your phone to your new car.....they probably will start studdering....
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