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Question FAQ's for +98 Isuzu's:

Below you will find a link and the Table of Contents on common problems with +98 Isuzu's Enjoy!

A. 30k Maintance?

1. I have a P0401 code, so how do I clean my EGR?
2. A.) I have a CODE P 440: Evap system, what is the problem?

2. My gas gauge is wrong how do I fix it?

3. My engine is knocking and ping’ing what can I do?

4. My truck seems to use a lot of oil, why?

5. I hear an air leak sound while the engine is running and my engine runs ruff, what could it be? Intake manifold gasket leaking: (P0300).

6. How to repack front wheel bearing, and when?

7. I have transmission problems ( ECU code: P1870).

8. I have lower gas mileage what can I do?

9. My Rodeo or Amigo thumps or clunks while stopping or taking off from a stop?

10. I want to change my timing belt what else should I change?

11. Where can I purchase OEM parts?

12. Where can I purchase non OEM parts?

13. Where can I buy OEM used parts (mirrors, wheels, lights, body parts . . . )?

14. My Check engine light came on, where can I get it read at?

15. How do I change the spark plugs and which plugs should I use?

16. How and when should I replace my fuel filter?

17. I have knocking sound under idle and and/or around 2500 RPM, what can I do?

18. I would like to replace my shocks, which one should I use?

19. I would like to buy a lift, bumpers, locker or other off road equipment, where can I buy it from?
20. I want to replace my Amigo's hardtop with a soft top, is it possible?
21. Is there a serpentine belt diagram available?
22. My Truck takes a long time to start (cranks an excessive length of time).
23. How do I remove the stereo and speakers from My Rodeo/Amigo?
24. What does my warranty cover?
25. How do I keep my fog lights on with high or low beams?
26. The Alarm goes off randomly (when cold)?
27. Where can I check for Recall and/or TSB info?
28. I have my trouble code what does it mean?
29. Can I install a supercharger?
30. I would like to install a hitch, where can I buy it and now do I install it?
31. Do you have the Amigo song from 1998 (what goes down stairs sometimes in pairs . . . )?
32. What are some other Isuzu related Message forums?
33. How can I tint my Amigo's sunroof?
34. How can I Dynamat my Amigo/Rodeo?
35. How do I stop that popping noise when I open my door on my 98 and newer Rodeo or Amigo?
36. Where are there Isuzu Off Road events?
37. Where can I purchase a manual at?
38. Where can I purchase a hard top for my Amigo?
39. Squeaking sound coming from the hood, how do I fix it?
40. Are there any Isuzu news sites?
41. How do I reprogram my keyless entry fob?
42. How TOD (TORQUE-ON-DEMAND) works?
43. How do I check the fluid level on my Tranny?
44. What the heck is Direct Injection?
45.I'm sporadically losing power, what can it be?

46.How do I replace the bulbs in my tailights (Rodeo)?

47.How to change the Rear diffy Fluid:

48.My factory 6 disk CD player died (ERR3) what can I do?

49.I would like to add a high flow air filter, which one?

50.I want to replace my rubber bushings with poly ones, where can I buy some?

51.What does the Power and Winter buttons do?

52.Possible ways to help sensitive ABS brakes

53.How Performance Chips work?

54.How to Turn the ABS light off?

55.Rodeo or Amigo dash rattle?

56.Where in the antifreeze drain plug on the block?

57.Transmission leaking possibilities?

58.Transmission filter replacement and partial fluid swap?

59.faulty transmission range sensor

60.Intermittent wiper function has failed

61.Electrical problems

62.Engine Stalling Problem (OBDII P Code P0101)

63.Sea Foam Opinions

64.Power Steering fluid replacement

65.Tips for removing the Alternator

66.How to replace the headlight bulb

67. Problems with the Drive by wire

68.4wd always on or doesn't work

69. Replacing the idler belt pulley

70. Torque spec intake manifold

71. Sunroof fixes

72. Windshield fluid tank leaks

73. Heater problems

74. How to Flush the radiator

75. Problems with turn directional

76. BRAKE light on

77. Key stuck in ignition

78. Clunking under Feet

79. Isuzu Engine Rebuild Kits

80. Firing Order
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FAQ 98-04 Isuzu Rodeo, Rodeo Sport, Amigo, Trooper

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