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Exclamation Master Cylinder, Vacuume Hose EGR/Booster, Front Brakes Recently Replaced Riding On Metal Within Weeks After Replacement?!?

Okay first off lets start with I replaced the master cylinders brake fluid reservoir about a few weeks ago we will just say 3 weeks. Now IDK about any of you but brake pads generally should last a year right? Mine are down to metal I assume again as the brake pedal goes straight to the floor and the noise was bad before as I rode the pads to the metal but now the noise of metal they will make warning you to change them is back but worse then before. Now recently to update this they just will kinda squeak but not like it was it was horrible sounding grinding squeak. For some reason it stopped and the car will slow down only when I press the pedal to the floor and then it starts grinding the brakes as I feel it in the pedal...

Now to update further: I opened the hood only to notice a leak and the leak was pretty bad it was literally dripping on the wheel from the master cylinder reservoir as it looked cracked maybe IDK where it is leaking from but I assume replacement of the whole MC will be needed?..

My question though. Is the master cylinder being really low until I filled it assuming obviously to late as the brake pads definitely sound f'd up again the problem so should replacing the MC and now the front pads again be my fix as well I heard your suppose to lube up the capillary on dodge vehicles they will stick sometimes and cause what will be them sticking and making the brake stay on grinding it down to the metal eventually if it wont become unstuck? If this is true what type of lube or grease should I use?

Okay updates: I just took for a test drive after trying to discover the leak right? I notice when I get done driving it shows more it seems at least on the tire and wheel well. So basically get back I drove around the block the long way got into my driveway open the hood about to jack it up and decided to check the engine department first again just because something at quick glance looked out of place or wrong I noticed... So my newest discovery is the oil cap is gone... Don't know where it went but oil splashed all over the electrical part that I got I think the distributor is what someone told me the 3 I think plugs with like 2 wires coming from them where for... Now I have to clearly find out how to get a replacement oil cap as I don't know where any store would sell those? Maybe AutoZone? Then again IDK it might be a vehicle specific type of part IDK?

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