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Interior Dye ?

This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance if I have not familiarized myself appropriately with the forum layout and have inadvertantly placed this thread in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it accordingly

I'm just curious as to what your experiences have been with re-dying interior pieces. The interior on this little truck that I picked up is pretty dirty. I have cleaned it as best I can, but it really just needs to be dyed, which is fine with me.

I have zero experience with this myself, I've only seen others do it. I've read information online and of course its all over the place. Some are OK with using the pre-canned aerosol dyes and some buy the Sherwin-Williams dye to put into a spray gun and do it that way. I think I'd rather dye it so that it soaks into the fibers rather than just painting it and risking it flaking off later on. I try to do things like this the right way the first time. I am referring to both the dash (plastic) and door panels (plastic and vinyl), as I'm sure that's relevant to how you would respond or what method you would suggest. I'm just not sure about what is necessary to prep the materials beforehand and all that. This isn't a show truck but I do want it to look nice, clean, and like-new.

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Re: Interior Dye ?

They key thing to keep in when painting is pooper cleaning. Wash it with dish soap and water using a Scotch-Bright scuff pad. This will help get down in the crevasses. Then, depending on what brand you go with, follow the directions. I donít know if there are any big advantages of using a spray gun versus rattle can when it comes to interior paint. Well, if youíre doing your entire interior it may make it a lot easier. You mentioned you wanted to put the color on thick; however, I think most systems will recommend putting several thin coats. Applying interior paint too thick may cause it to crack or peel, as it needs to be flexible.

Again, wash thoroughly, and then follow directions on can. It may have a certain kind of cleaner to use. Cleanliness and properly preparing the surface is the key to any kind of a paint job. Does anyone else have any expertise to share about spraying interior?
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