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1996 Nissan Pathfinder dies when put into gear

Please help, I am at my wits end,

I have a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder and here is what is going on, Hoping someone can tell me what might be causing the problem.........

(Old not a big issue)

Occasionally would died backing up on a slight grade. (since I've owned the car)

(New, causing a BIG issue)

**I was driving my car, about 8 miles this day, it had a small hiccup issue, like low on gas, but didn't die,
Stopped and got gas, and drove to about 30 miles. No issue.

**Went to a auto store and the drive way is on a slight grade and for the first time in forward motion car died on
the slight hill coming out of the auto , But restarted no problem.

**Drove back another 30 miles coming up the steep hill
the car died, like it just shut off.

**Got it home (towed) , and there was no fire/spark.

**Thought the coil was out but can't just buy a coil, we replaced it with a brand new distributor.

**Car Starts Now

**went to time it with the required unhooking of the TPS.

**Removed top connector of the TPS and NO change, Removed bottom brown connector and the car dies.

**Spec requires TPS to be disconnected when timed.

**Replaced TPS even though it had the proper readings of 5 Volts.

**There is a 12 Volt wire bypass, yellow wire, from ignition switch to the distributor by previous owner, because of dead witer (short) in original wire, NOT a Issue (been driving with this wire for couple years)

**we think the yellow bypass wire was shorted to the intake. So redid wire.

**We had a knock sensor code since we had the car. We relocated the knock sensor and driven the car for a year and a half with NO issue.

**But replaced the knock sensor 2x in the last week because of the code is still there.

**we tested the knock sensor and we have 5 volts to it and 2.5 out of it, so we don't believe the knock sensor is the issue.

**So currently car Starts and Runs and Idles GOOD and Revs Good

**But will died when put into reverse or Drive once it warms up, and sometime when cold but worse when it is warmed up.

**when placed into any drive gear the idle drops under 500 RPMS,
when it is cold and put into gear it stays above 500 RPMS

**IF you can get it into gear you can drive the hell out of it but it will die if you let up off the idle if it is in a gear.

**O2 sensors code but they been replaced in the last year, the codes are still saying both downstream sensors.

**So the scanner we have still shows three codes, the knock sensor and the two down stream O2 sensors.

and another thing, I had a remote start put in the car, the security never worked right, when I tried to lock the the car with the fob the horn would go off, but now neither one of the fobs will start the car, so I was wondering if it could be possible that the remote start could be causing the problem I explained up above?

Thank you all in advance for your help,
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