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Old 01-29-2014, 12:05 AM   #46
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Re: PLEASE HELP!! Jeep stalling?

Originally Posted by lancerooney View Post
I had the exact same poor idle quality and stalling during warm up and random stalling at stops with my 93 Grand Cher. I have meticulously maitained the vehicle for many years so already have gone through the ECM/PCM screw prep,IAC,CPS,etc... I found that the evap. canister located behind the driver's side headlight assembly had come apart. There are 3 vacuum lines (2 large and 1 small diameter) attached to this. The top (small port) had seperated from the main body (2 larger ports) exposing the rubber diphram,retainer cap,and allowed a major vacuum leak. A'la high idle, surging engine rpm, and stalling under load at idle in gear. The computer compensates very well after going into closed loop. The engine would stumble and act as if it were going to stall at stops after warm up, but catch itself and overcome. I live in a small beach community so we do not have heavy traffic this time of year or it would probably have had a stall fest. I used 3M weather strip adhesive to reattach and secure the top and diaphram to the main body. let it set up overnight and reinstalled the grill bracing and headlights as one long assembly this morning and no issues at all.....thus far.
I changed the cps and it has stopped stalling. Still rough idle though. I will have a look at your suggestion. Thanks for responding.
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Re: PLEASE HELP!! Jeep stalling?

I have a 96 jeep grand cherokee loredo that started sputtering n backfiring n would not respond to throttle half the time. It got so bad that it was either pedal to the floor or nnothing. Went on for a week n then checked the connnection to the fuel pump. It was worn out n had a lil ccorrosion on it so i closed the female holes and connected it back together. Havent had a problem since.
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Thumbs up Re: PLEASE HELP!! Jeep stalling? I have a solution to the GC Dying/Stalling issue!

I've been down the above path for years, and out of the blue, 'Randy' a guy on Craigslist stopped by and got me thinking.

On this GC there is the ccv in the back of the valve cover, which then runs to the intake manifold for vacuum. The intake runs over to the.... wait for it..... PURGE SOLENOID! . If it is bad, like mine was, it will stop the vacuum to the intake, send codes to the PCM, and you engine will die, stall, and periodically get hard to start.

You can read all about this nasty critical part on the web, so I'll not go there.

RESULTS! I replaced this 40$ part, and my jeep ran like a champ.

That's it in a nut shell. I'm posting this solution in as many groups as I can find, that I have reviewed in the several years working this problem. Please pass this on to others, and if you want, provide my contact info as credit. Just trying to contribute to this HUGE problem our GC's are having.

Try it, and let me know.


The reaper(now).
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Re: PLEASE HELP!! Jeep stalling?

My Jeep lives... no thanks to Chrysler engineers. I have had an issue with my Jeep randomly stalling for about 3 years. I researched the internet, Jeep clubs, and spoke with several mechanics. Needless to say everyone had a different solution.

It ended up being the wire going from the Alternator to the battery and fuse box. Something none of the experts even considered. Those of you who know about wiring... Chrysler engineers used 8-AWG wiring from the alternator and 6-AWG for the starter and the negative/ground.

I discovered an issue with the wiring after I had played the role of a typical mechanic; testing and swapping out all of the usual culprits. I connected my 1/0-AWG jumper cables between my Jeep and my car. When connected, the Jeep ran OK, it stalled every know and then, but would start back up after a few seconds. If I disconnected the cables, the Jeep would die with in 5 minutes... every time.

So, I tested the alternator. It was operating perfectly. Then why was my battery going dead? And, why was my Jeep dying? I removed the flexible plastic cover from the wires coming off the battery and the alternator to discover; (a) they were unusually small in diameter, and (b) they had several burn marks along the wire run.

I have enough of a background with electronics to know that the skinny little wires were overheating and causing a drain on my electrical system. Think of running a compressor with a cheap extension cord... you get the picture.
I replaced the cables to the starter, alternator, and fuse box with 2-AWG, 300 amp, 680 strand welding cable. I also added replaced the two 6-AWG negative battery cables with 2-AWG. I then added four 2-AWG grounding cables, grounding the engine to the frame and body in different locations. Overkill... YES. "Binford 5000"

Everything runs better now. The Jeep started up without any hesitation. It idles better. It accelerates better. It no-longer randomly stalls.

Total cost including a hydraulic crimper... $90.
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