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Car Audio Do you live in your car? Then you need to be able to listen to some high-quality music.
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Re: Does wattage matter? (Amp Q)

Ok first off type x's are NOT crap. Second off just because someone doesn't have xbl^2 or an internet brand doesn't mean there junk. And to whoever asked me about the kicker question....... I've heard everything from kicker but the comps. Compvr's get decently loud for the money but in the installs I hear them they didn't sound very good. L5's just blow end of story. L7's aren't very good either, but I do know they can get pretty damn oud in the right install. Solox's are useless. Even the 18's can't get low if it was for the life of them (I heard them in 35hz BIG ported box with 5,000 watts on each......there were 2) THey didn't sound too bad but no where near as good as my sexxx's or anything of the like. Well they're also useless for competition too becuase the shop that was runnning them blew one at a CLEAN 5000 watts. Subs should not blow right at rms if they wanna be competition worthy. Plus the moving mass on those things is rediculously high, which makes them horribly ineeficient. Yea so that's my thouht on kickers subs. Here's a story for ya that happened last night......... I was on the phone with some guy at an audioshop here in Cinci to see what amps they carried.......he was like kicker JL usual...... I was like ohh sorry I wasn't looking for any of those.....he was like what subs do you have I told him 2 RE Audio sexxx's......he wanted to know what kinda power i was lookin for and I told him at least 2kw.......LMAO he was like that'll blow them subs I've never heard of them before so they must be junk.......I laughed at his face and was like w/e u don't know what your talkin I asked him what was in his car he had 2 L5 12's off a kx1200.1. I was like Ill be up thereI want you to hear my system. I get up there with my buddy Noah who runs an XXX18 and modded MTX 1501D w/ some nice CDT comps he also knows what he's talkin the shop dude is sittin there EVERYTHING we tell him he just nodding his head obviously not believing him.......w/e..... he couldn't stand someone saying there was better stuf out there then w7's LMAO. So anyways I told him to come out and sit in my car.....I warnd him that it wasn't very loud cuz I only had 300 watts on the subs. I put in Bone Crusher's song grippin the grain....... Had the few little punches at the beggining which aren't to loud in my car then the BOOOOOM His jaw literally dropped and he looked like he just saw a ghost...... as the song was playin he just had a BIG ass smile on his face......I went and listened to his and obviously mine was louder, lower, and had better SQ...... He was like man I'm sorry for doubtin you but those subs are THE SHIT u GOTTA come back up here when you get the full 2000 on them.....I was like okay and we'll bring the xxx up here too.......yea it was great........but I worte down like 50 websites and was basically sittin there teachin him tons of shit for the next hour......It was so great.
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