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95 talon
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Re: Electrical Problem on 95 Eagle Talon

I drive a 95 eagle talon 2.0 esi automatic and I am desperate for any feedback. I bought the car about 2 years ago at approximatly the 130,000km mark. Approximatly a year and a half ago I started running into problems with the car that keeps slowly progressing. First, my Over Drive stoped working, my horn started to sound very faint and sick, my Cruise Controll will work when it wants to, my engine idles like it has a vaccume leak (alltough it dose'nt), my Transmission feels like it wont shift and it's throwing out way to much gas, my interior lights work when they want to, when I start it I have to give it gas even tough it's fuel injected, it sometimes sounds, smells and fells like theres combustion somewhere, and now my Highbeams dont work. I know this problem is electrical because we have pretty much rebuilt the entire car and when we change certain things the car will run almost like brand new for a day. For example, my battery died in it so I took the good battery from my sisters car that shes getting rid of and put it in my car. That battery worked for about a week with the car still giving the problems. I drove out of town, stoped somewhere to eat and could'nt get my car started again so I said screw this. I ran across the street and bought one of the best batteries that Canadian Tire sells and replaced the new battery. Imideatlly after, the car started like a charm and ran almost like new again, the transmission ran perfectly and it idled like I just replaced the engine but my other little electrical problems still did'nt work. But, this problem is only fixed for a matter of approximatly a day than it goes right back to normal. The car did the same thing about a year ago when we put some cleansing solution in the gas to clean out any buildup. But, as I mentioned earlier, it's only fixed for about a day. We hooked up the code reader to the computer about 6 times and it would allways read NO DATA. Once after the car was sitting for about 5 months and the code reader read that my map sensor was broken so we changed that and of course it did'nt do a dam thing. I am affraid to listen to any code reader because I think the problem might be with the computer and it will give any code it feels like giving. We took the side pannel off the computer and found an arc between 2 of the prongs. A few different (very trustworthy) mechanics and I have came to the conclusion that it's either the computer or a short somewhere. Today I am hooking up a machine to the car that will read the engine light to see why that is going on and I'm taking a look at a schematic to see what that arc is conected to. I also unpluged the positive hose from the battery for about an hour and now I'm goingto see if that does anything. Please help. I am at the point of desperation. I am interested in any feedback you may have. Myself and 3 well trained reliable mechanics are almost as stumped as I am, but we wont give up untill we find the problem, I am trying to get it fixed as soon as posible so I can move out to British Columbia from Northern Ontario. This is the only thing that is postponding my trip. Once again PLEASE, PLEASE HELP! Also, I almost forgot to mention that the car had 1 owner before me and it was never driven through a winter, but because of complications I had no choice but to drive it through part of it's first winter and as far as I can remember most of these problems started occuring around that time period that I had to drive it through part of the winter. Do you think that may have to do with these problems?

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Lightbulb Re: Electrical Problem on 95 Eagle Talon

Have you tried the Talon forum?
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Re: Electrical Problem on 95 Eagle Talon

Please don't bring up old threads. Follow the "3 month Rule" If the thread has not seen any new activity in the past 3 months then please do not resurrect it.
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