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1995 Escort 1.9L SEFI, no spark. It's 2019 and no threads here helped solve it.

I have a no spark issue with a 1995 1.9L SEFI Ford Escort LX Wagon, 5 speed manual trans.
Brigham City, Utah.

I have only owned it for 1 year and about 19,000 miles and I don't know Fords well.
It has 201,000 miles (I believe), the guy I got it from gave me 2 additional instrument clusters but I dont think he ever changed one. He had it recently registered and inspected and the emissions showed very good results.

The only problem I had with it was the steering column ignition cylinder broke so I replaced it and later the electric starting switch on the back of the cylinder broke which I replaced.Later the spark plug wires arced on the engine so I replaced them and the plugs. The car's been fine since but only gets up to 27mpg average on my flat highway commute. (My Buick LeSabres with 3.8L always get 26mpg average.)

I had just filled the tank and was heading home from the gas station about 2 miles away and came to a Stop sign. I accidentally tried to start in 2nd gear so, it jerked kind of hard so I quickly put it into 1st and stepped on the gas and turned left. The car started to speed up but then suddenly just stalled out.

I didn't notice anything odd with the guages, or anything. I was going downhill on a slight grade so I tried to start it with no luck and then tried to pop the clutch with no luck until the car came to a stop. I could hear the engine turning over with a slight whiny sound and it didn't even sound like it was trying to start.

As I tried to start the car the gauge lights came on, seemed normal. Then I noticed Fuel Cutoff light was on, only as I tried to start it. I turned the key again and heard the fuel pump come on for 1 second or 2 so, I was certain it should have fuel. Just in case, I checked the Fuel Cutoff Switch in the back of the car and the button was pressed down all the way. I tried to start it again, no luck. I pushed a pin in the side of the Fuel Cutoff Switch and it popped up so, I tried to start it and it didn't start and the Fuel Cutoff Light was off but no luck starting. I pushed it back down and tried it again and I didn't start but the Fuel Cutoff light was on, again only while starting.

I picked up some starting fluid in sprayed it in the intake and try to start it with no luck so I was very certain it was a no spark issue.

I used a bulb-type spark plug tester and got no spark, neither on the plug end nor the ignition coil end. Frustrated, I replaced the coil anyway and it still wouldn't start.

I removed the upper timing belt cover and the belt looked new and was tight.
I couldn't see anything wrong with any wires in the engine compartment.
I took in the Ignition Control Module and Auto Zone said it was fine so, I put it back on in is still won't start.

I checked the engine codes with a jumper wire and got:
116 Engine Coolant Temp voltage higher or lower, and
157 Mass Airflow Sensor below minimum voltage.
I did a Google search and couldn't find much help or anything telling those codes would keep the engine from running.

I decided to clear the codes and pull the jumper cable during the code test. (KOEO, Key On Engine Off test). Still no start.

I disconnected the battery for 10 to 15 minutes and it still won't start. While I was out it remove the battery terminals and clean them and put on the anti-corrosion spray very connected everything.

For the 1st time, I now have an oil leak enough to run out from under my car in 24 hours about 3ft long and 5in wide. I lifted the car up got underneath it and it appears just minor leaks from seals with the most oil coming from the oil pressure sensor on the back of the block next to the starter motor, which I read was common on this motor.

I am stumped in auto zone a stumped and I can't think of any reason there is no spark unless its the computer and I would think there aren't any other issues that should lock the ignition down.
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Re: 1995 Escort 1.9L SEFI, no spark. It's 2019 and no threads here helped solve it.

I'm not positive about the 1995 Escort engine, but many Fords of that era rely on a good crankshaft position (CKP) sensor reading in order for the engine to get spark. If the CKP sensor is bad or not close enough to the crankshaft to get a reliable tach signal, the engine will stall or not start. Maybe the jolt when trying to downshift was enough to move the CKP sensor away from the crankshaft. That's where I'd start my search if I were you. If you happen to have an oscilloscope and backprobe set you could backprobe the CKP sensor on the car and check for signal.

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1.9l, 1995, ignition, start, won't
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