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Unhappy Alternator Bolt?

I have a 93 Festiva. The other day, while driving down the road the bolt that holds the pulley to the alternator decided to abandon ship and broke.
I'm trying to find out the name of the part, and what I should be looking for. This car runs great, except now I can't get the alternator to charge. I tried to drive it yesterday on the advice of unreliable source mentioned below, just on the battery. He said I should be fine on the 10 mile trip to work and back. I got there just fine, the trip home wasn't so pleasant as it died half way home. I ws able to get it jumped and as there were only two stops on the rest of the way home, as long as I didn't let it idle down too far, I got it home.
I really need to figure out what this bolt is, and if any specs are available for it. I've been told by someone, whom I don't really trust, that it is a 27.7mm metric bolt.
Any ideas of what it's called and where I might find one? I've checked a few local boneyards but these cars are basically orphans around here anymore. If they do have parts for them, they are the wrong year or size. Apparently, from what I'm understanding (again from unreliable source above), that the parts are not interchangeable from one year to another. I've even tried to find schematics but other than buying a huge book, that I really can't afford, I can't seem to find a schematic online anywhere. Because it's such an old car, and an orphan at that, no one around here wants to deal with it. I know this is a quick fix if I can find the right bolt! I can do this myself!
I really need to get this car back on the road, like yesterday.
I look forward to your help and replies...
Lisa aka FayeFaye
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